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So… Hasbro Studio Shorts (a new official youtube channel Hasbro is using to release clips and short animations from their various properties, most notably the actually really well done MLP Rainbow Rocks cartoons) recently uploaded what they entitle “Transformers ULTIMATE Puns Mashup”

I don’t think most of these are puns, but they put Beast Wars up in this, so I am satisfied

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“Beware The Batman” Joins Toonami Line-Up Starting Saturday, May 10th, 2014http://www.worldsfinestonline.com/2014/04/beware-the-batman-joins-toonami-line-up-starting-saturday-may-10th-2014/

Just so long as the season gets finished…
Though I honestly don’t know how well this show will fair amongst the Toonami viewership. Beware the Batman straddles a fine line between Saturday morning action cartoon and a somber detective story. Yes, it’s a dark cartoon, but is it 3 AM worthy?
I guess my real concern is: could viewer interest from this time time-block prompt the ordering of a second season? Or has that ship sailed?
I just want more Katana…


“Beware The Batman” Joins Toonami Line-Up Starting Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Just so long as the season gets finished…

Though I honestly don’t know how well this show will fair amongst the Toonami viewership. Beware the Batman straddles a fine line between Saturday morning action cartoon and a somber detective story. Yes, it’s a dark cartoon, but is it 3 AM worthy?

I guess my real concern is: could viewer interest from this time time-block prompt the ordering of a second season? Or has that ship sailed?

I just want more Katana…

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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Guest Stars On Transformers Rescue Bots | Comicbook.com

But… in Aligned Continuity… the earth is already…

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G.I. Joe is pretty well fucked, innit.

It’s like Greg and I’ve talked about before. Hasbro has had more than a decade of writing on the wall and ignored it. This is the inevitable result.

No one wants to be reminded that Daddy might not come home from Iraq. Terrorists aren’t the thing of childhood fantasy anymore, they’re the thing of real-world propaganda/fear mongering. And this generation sees Captain American on the big screen, and he’s the normal dude.

As maligned by fandom as they are, a period of space-adventure or adventure-team-esq schennanigans could have saved Joe. Make the Joes more like MASK, average “joes” brought into amazing circumstances. Keep the colorful, fun and well, awesome Cobra characters (who doesn’t love CC and Destro? Who doesn’t inappropriately love the Baroness?) and give them someone worthy to fight. Make the Joes more like SHIELD, make them superheroes that makes sense in a modern context (they’ve always been super heroes, after all, every single Joe would have to be a genius to have their skill-sets), do something other than recycle 1983-85.

Joe had two things going for it, one is a play pattern. Well, they’re right fucked now, because the average kid can get Marvel AND DC’s all-star lineups in 3 3/4ths scale, ready and able to drop right into any Star Wars vehicle they have onhand. And the Corps! and others are just lining up to seize the military thing for those that are interested. And cheaper on a by-figure basis too.

And if a kid’s really die-hard for military stuff, there’s always the X-Box.

The other was the GI-Joe fantasy… not that the US military could conquer all, but that you could project yourself onto a hero that you could relate to. The Joes were diverse for their time. Now kids have the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon franchise, the Avengers, the X-Men. Who wants to be Roadblock when you can be Power Man, or Falcon, or Nick Fury? Who wants to be Law when you can be be Nova? Scarlet can’t hold a candle to Black Widow. The superheroes rose up and took that niche. 

Joe didn’t adapt.

Maybe in 3-5 years we’ll see a rival. Maybe Joe will eventually get its Beast Wars, it’s new interpretation that eclipses the original and energizes the whole endeavor once more.

For my part, it’s Cobra I’m going to miss.

Ok, mostly the Baroness.

I can’t speak at all to the toy issue, but the GI Joe Renegades cartoon managed to dodge the uncomfortable military themes by re-working the premise to feature Cobra as a mega-corporation dominating everything from food production to weapons development operating within the United States. Other classic villains show up, but they’re presented as either mercenaries or general purpose criminals, avoiding the terrorist angle altogether. Meanwhile, the Joes are a small bunch of wrongly accused criminals with limited resources on the run across the country to prove their innocence and save America from the poison within its own economy.

But then Hasbro decided to focus exclusively on the film franchise and they blew up London…

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen Winder Solider yet?


That’s the thing… I haven’t seen it yet, I’m trying to make plans to see it this weekend. Though from what happened on AoS this Tuesday (and from tumblr backdraft) I have a decent idea about what ultimately takes place…

Another weekend comes and goes without me seeing The Winter Soldier

… desperation sets in

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whenever i see people talking about how progressive and not sexist kill la kill is, all i can think of is kate beaton’s “sexism is over” comics


Kill la kill is interesting because even though the outfits are completely ridiculous and sexualized, it’s the only anime I’ve seen that shows men naked and directly sexualized almost as much (not exactly equal, but I’d say 70% or more). And I also liked how none of the female characters existed to be romantic interests. And that everything really revolved around female characters despite it not being specifically marketed towards girls. I don’t discount the sexism but it does have a lot going for it for being progressive at the same time. Not everything is black and white.  


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Can I just say that Kade Burns is written so much better in S2? He’s genuinely interesting/likeable now, and his rapport with Heatwave feels like a proper partnership.

Good job Kade!


It’s called character development. It doesn’t mean he was poorly written before, it means he’s growing and developing and learning, and it’s a sign of good writing if he and his relationships progress over time.

Oh, I absolutely agree that this is good character development, and that characters should progress over time/learn/grow/etc. Good characters, like real life people, have flaws/shortcomings which they must overcome.

My problem with Kade was that his behavior and relationship to Heatwave in season one specifically didn’t grow or change that much compared to his siblings. Contrast Dani’s relationship with Blades for instance. Initially, Dani aggressively pushed Blades into flying, not caring about his phobia, and Blades was too fearful to be of use to the team. Very quickly, Dani learned to be mindful of Blades’ limitations and Blades learned apply himself. Blades still doesn’t like heights, but he doesn’t let that stop him, and Dani is still aggressive, but not to the point that she hurts other people. Basically, even early in S1, Dani and Blades were growing as characters and they built a good, respectful partnership. 

Kade was often bossy and dismissive to Heatwave’s feelings through the first season, not to mention generally rude to his siblings and the townspeople. And aside from him and Hailey cleaning Heatwave together at the end of “Small Blessings”, Kade never really answers for this or makes improvement to his attitude. To be fair, this is more of a problem with “Small Blessings” being a rather overstuffed, jumbled episode. Still though, 26 episodes of a guy being a jerk and having a poor relationship with his Autobot partner is a long time to sit through. It’s not like we didn’t have sympathetic moments with Kade (we did), and it’s not like Heatwave and Kade’s relationship didn’t improve at all (it did). It just feels like less was done with them than with the other characters, and Kade’s attitude was so egotistical and negative without any major changes that it felt unsatisfying.

By contrast, S2 Kade’s teasing of Heatwave is played as good-natured ribbing. Kade is more open about his love and protective feelings towards his family members. And when Kade screws up/puts people in danger he gets called on it (see Heatwave chewing Kade out for falling asleep on the job in “Blame in on the Gremlins”). This is all awesome! I just wish we could have gotten a smidge more of this development back in S1. But oh well, it is what it is. Basically, season 2 has been fantastic so far and I couldn’t be happier.

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irongoldie replied to your post: I like how Spartacus steadily expands …

The Wire (I know I mention it a lot, haha) is similar, in that it expands season by season, building on the last.

It’s interesting you should mention that, because a friend of mine who is currently watching The Wire said the exact same thing the other day. It makes me very interested in watching that show too. But I wanna watch the first season of Breaking Bad first, just to see what’s what.

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I like how Spartacus steadily expands the scope and goals each season…

In Blood and Sand, Spartacus’ goal is to merely escape the confines of one household and said house’s lord and lady (who are established to be lowly on the Roman socialite pecking order). His allies consist of a relatively small group of fellow gladiators and slaves, with most of the action taking place in the house, the arena, or in the city near the house.

In Vengeance, Sparatacus’ army starts to grow into upwards of a hundred or more. The action moves between more than one city, as well as fields and forests. And the main antagonist is a Roman Praetor with proper army. In War of the Damned, which I’m currently watching, Spartacus presides over a following of thousands (they need to conquer a city early on merely to house themselves), we see new locations every episode, and “the richest general in Rome” has been dispatched to halt the rebellion.

It’s… almost videogame-y

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