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From BlogOfOa:

It’s been a long day for all Green Lantern: The Animated Series fans and we deserve something positive.  Thanks to @gl875, author of Flodos Page, for sharing this with me tonight.  I know I needed it and I’m sure many of you do, too.  Chins up, everybody, all will be well.

Shout out to draqua for making this awesome video!


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Important intelligence analysis


Headcanon: Abed only got his job at SHIELD as a spousal benefit when they recruited Troy for their gadgets division

Evidence, incontrovertible: When everything else in Fury’s car was broken, what was still 100% operational? THE AIR CONDITIONING.

Bunny, related: Abed meets Sam while visiting Troy in the hospital and explains to him, scene by scene, why he is definitely the lead in a romcom, not the sidekick in an action movie.

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The solid thing about “The Only Light in the Darkness” is that the superpowered villain who can drain life out of people with a single touch ends up being infinitely less scary than Skye’s discovery of Ward’s true nature… the fact that the cute boy you thought was so charming and sweet is actually dangerous, violent, and there’s no one to turn to.

And what’s more, the scary thing about Blackout isn’t so much the dark powers thing, but the fact that’s he’s endlessly pursuing a woman out of a personal obsession in spite of her explicit rejection and discomfort.

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what is in that box?

Grant Ward’s answer of “pistol” to the “what’s in the box on a deserted island question” worries me…

Like, with all the other characters, they thought of things they could use to either immediately escape (phone, laptop, TARDIS) or what they’d need for long-term survival on the island (a machete, Simmons).

A pistol honestly isn’t a useful weapon to have on an island. Limited rounds, not to mention the range and firing noise means its not great for hunting…

But I guess you could use it to escape…

(Source: bartony, via marysuepoots)

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Awesome~ I can’t wait to hear your thought on the show!

Thanks! I can tell you right now that first impressions in terms of plot, animation, and general style were really good. The only major problem that I have with it so far is the massive cliche pileup that is Zak. But given that I’m only 3 episodes in, there’s plenty of time left for my mood to change.

Honestly, I’ve endeared myself to Zak much more quickly than I have with most other little boy protagonists. A lot of this is because Zak is very much a child, but suffers none of the immaturity that makes most of his ilk so rapidly annoying (this is why I cannot watch Ben 10 and its various incarnations.) I’m aware kids behave like this in real life, but the media has shown us that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a particular archetype for these types of characters.

Either way, it’d be interesting to read your opinions on the show.

Yeah, my standards have been forever set due to Ray from Kaijudo and Cody from Rescue Bots. So it’s hard for me to go back. And I’m more than willing to give Zak’s existence credit as a racially blended character presented very matter-o-factily. But his super-special powers, over-exuberance, and the fact that I was constantly on the mom’s side when she argued that “he’s only 11” made it hard for me to want Zak to be a hero.

There’s also the fact that I didn’t really feel any reason for Zak to have this important role beyond being born with powers. Okay, he wants to fight alongside his mom and dad… but he already globe-trots with them in a majestic airship, bearing witness to all the cool science and action they do while meeting fantastical creatures. Zak has two (and then three once they pick up Zon) cool-magical-pets, his parents give him lots of love and attention… This kid already has a charmed life so I find it difficult to sympathize with his desire for more. And Zak is the central protagonist of this show, so this is kind of a problem. (At least they make a point that Zak loves Cryptids and wants to protect them first and foremost; this is good. More of this please)

In Rescue Bots, Cody doesn’t have a dedicated Autobot partner (which is a real oddity considering the franchise). Field work is constantly kept off the table in spite of Cody’s love of the town, and Cody’s access to his father’s time/attention is limited due to Charlie’s work. In Kaijudo, Ray’s passion for justice and protecting others is set up early on, his dad isn’t around and its also established that his family doesn’t have a lot of money. This is one of those times where my personal biography doesn’t gel with The Secret Saturday's intended demographic though… Like, I'm a 25 year-old woman so I empathize a lot with Mrs. Saturday. But, if I were an 8-12 boy, I'd probably get more on Zak's side. Still, I love Rescue Bots and Kaijudo and their protagonists were worlds apart from me and I empathized with them just fine.

Like I said though, I’m only three episodes in so there’s a good chance I’ll become endeared to Zak by then, and this is all personal opinion anyways. But I was on Cody’s side by the end of the first scene I saw him on screen, and so far all Zak’s done is make me roll my eyes.

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Awesome~ I can’t wait to hear your thought on the show!

Thanks! I can tell you right now that first impressions in terms of plot, animation, and general style were really good. The only major problem that I have with it so far is the massive cliche pileup that is Zak. But given that I’m only 3 episodes in, there’s plenty of time left for my mood to change.

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I just…

Skye came from nothing? She grew up believing she’d been abandoned. The nuns were cruel but she managed to come out of that with the belief that God is love and love is what holds us all together. She had her heart broken when she was rejected by a family she desperately wanted but instead of her heart turning cold she found strength in it.

She never stopped searching for the truth and along the way tried to fight for the greater good and when it became clear she’d gone about it the wrong way she didn’t make excuses, she just threw herself into working for the good guys. She brings joy and strength and light to the people around her. She sees the good in everything. She inspires others to do the same.

When she found out the truth it didn’t break her, it gave her purpose. She chose to find the good in her situation. She could have been angry but she chose to be like ‘no, you know what, S.H.I.E.L.D. kept me alive, they are my family, I am dedicated to being here for them’.

Even when she’s scared she puts on a brave face. She is capable of playing people but she doesn’t because she’s compassionate and sweet and there is an amazing strength in that. She’s smart but she doesn’t show it off. She and Jemma are genuine girlfriends, there’s no petty bullshit. Even with May who was sleeping with the man Skye is in love with there was no jealousy, she just let it go.

Skye is just amazing and people don’t like her I just…how?

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Anonymous asked: Congrats on seeing Cap 2 and getting through Spartacus and I hope you're enjoying Community, I just rewatched Season 3 (and Season 4, bleh) with a bunch of friends so I know how much fun that show is :3

Thank you!

Yes, I’m really glad I stuck with Community for S2-S3 if nothing else because it honestly is very funny and heartwarming once it hits its stride. S4 has a lot of problems, but at least I can say that I’ve seen it and I’m optimistic to go through S5 once that’s out on Netflix too.

As a side-note, I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad last night…

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Anonymous asked: The thing is the channel whose listing's I'm looking for is defunct, considering it's the United Paramount Network.

Honestly, I’m at a loss here. Sorry anon, but I’m probably not the best person to ask about this.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know how I could find out what was on a channel this past Easter Sunday, as TV guide doesn't have the listings for that day anymore. I hope you had a good Easter, thank you for answering my questions.

Hmm… I’d say try googling the channel’s name and date and see what pops up. The channel’s website might also have the information you’re looking for on its scheduling page.

And thank you, I had a great Easter this year

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Anonymous asked: Besides Nick, Cartoon Network, Disney, Hub/Discovery Channel what other channels show predominantly animated tv?

Canada’s Teletoon, but to the best of my knowledge, you’ve basically listed all of them.

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There’s a scene early in The Winter Soldier where Steve is watching a film in the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian about Peggy Carter and her life/the founding of SHIELD after Steve’s disappearance.

There’s only two other people featured in the theater with him and it’s a mother and daughter watching the screen with rapt attention…


I thought it was a nice touch…

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Anonymous asked: Thoughts on Black Widow and Sam/Falcon in Winter Solider?

In my opinion, both characters are interesting and well fleshed out. I really enjoyed the subtle, but nevertheless noticeable, subplot involving Natasha slowly coming to the realization that she had to expose and face her past head on. Plus, the fact that her relationship with Steve went through an arc of emotional trust/intimacy but not necessarily a romantic arc was cool.

Sam Wilson was instantly likeable, and The Falcon’s wings are probably the coolest new gadget featured in the flick. I appreciated how Sam was played more as an “everyman American” with strong values and a life/history outside of Steve (the little detail about him running a support group for soldiers adjusting to civilian life was a nice touch). It was a good contrast to the extreme lifestyles of Fury and Natasha. And Sam’s eventual friendship and bond with Steve was sweet.

Plus, let’s be honest here… Anthony Mackie is a handsome fella…

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