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Anonymous asked: Do you remember someone who did a live review of tf prime per episode? If you can direct me to them that would be helpful. I hope you've been doing well.

Hmm, well a lot of people would live-tumblr episodes as they aired so I’m afraid I couldn’t name just one person. It sounds like you’re thinking of someone specifically?

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bbmetalhead4 asked: What are your opinions on the new character Strongarm from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015), and how the fandom is reacting to her?

All I really know about Strongarm so far is her basic design, which looks pretty cool. I like how big she is, I like the name, and I’ll wager she’s voiced by Constance Zimmer (which is also cool), but we don’t know that for sure. To any rate, I’m really happy people seem to be reacting positively to her. It’s nice to see waves upon waves of fanart for a female character that aren’t pure cheesecake just on a personal level. But of course we have to wait for more details and actual episodes to see her in action in order to make a more concrete opinion.

But basically I’m pretty please and optimistic.

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3484lane asked: So I'm really mad at you. I've seen you post stuff about Rescue Bots in the past. And it showed up on my netflix. I checked it out since you've said good things about it. I Love It. And then found out it ties in with Transformers Prime, so check that out. I LOVE IT. I've just finished the first season of prime and can't wait to get through the series. My life has been consumed by Transformers and it's all your fault.

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You know…

What if Megatron shows up in Transformers: RiD as a sort of lone wanderer/sixth ranger type character occasionally helping BB’s team from the sidelines as a means of settling-his-past type of deal? And he could wear a tarp cowl similar to DOTM!Megatron, thus simplifying his design and better fitting in with the new animation and style.

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Hooooo boy, this kinda got away from me. I only intended to write a little sliver of Rescue Bots fanfiction and it ended up being over 4k words. Honestly, I just wanted to get this idea out for fun. Oh well….

Title: History is Gonna Change

Show: Rescue Bots

Summary: While out exploring the forest a few night’s after some excitement with the Temporal Station, Cody drops in on a strange beast from somewhere else…

Read more …

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fannishcodex replied to your post: fannishcodex said:Have you seen R…

I don’t remember being super into it before either, though I’d seen some of the older movies, but then I saw those movies and it’s just…they’re so good, I love them, and I eagerly look forward to their continuing story. Hope you enjoy them too!

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll see them someday. My lack of interest is entirely based out a of a personal thing of not finding apes all that interesting or appealing as real-world animals and a subsequent disinterest in seeing them as movie protagonists. I’d rather watch a movie about lizards or something.

Where’s my Rise of the Planet of the Pythons?

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fannishcodex asked: Have you seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?

I actually haven’t yet. I’m not super into the Planet of the Apes franchise, but they’re on my “to watch” list for sure

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Double Layer episode 2 is live!

In this outing, we take a look at the HUB’s criminally under appreciated action/adventure cartoon Kaijudo (it’s got robots AND dragons in it, what more do you want?), and discuss the implications of underselling children’s media/genre fiction

(And for those interested, I also sneak in some love for GLTAS, Tron Uprising, and Pacific Rim. Gotta be me)

andrewrrobinson You’re gonna make me cry, man…

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