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lavapasta replied to your post: anonymous said:Have you seen any …

You might want to be careful with CW’s Arrow; it’s more of a soap opera and I personally felt it was a waste of time for me.

Hmm.. I see, I see. Well, that’s okay since it’s pretty low down the “to-watch” list at this time. So, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen any of the recent avengers cartoons (emh, assemble, disk wars) and if so what did you thought about them

I watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a little over a year ago and really liked it for the most part. It was very well put together with great animation and storyboarding. That being said, there were some factors which kept me from loving it.

The plot of EMH for the first season and a half is pretty fast paced and complicated for a half-hour superhero show. As such, there wasn’t a lot of down-time or “breathing room” to let the characters interact with each other as people or reflect more personally on the events they were taking part in/the people they were meeting. Like.. The Hulk is the Hulk nearly 24/7 and only lets Banner out occasionally; that’s a pretty disturbing scenario, but none of the characters comment on it. T’Challa moves to New York after living his whole life in a tribal society, yet at no point do we deal with the immense culture/social shock he must be experiencing. Same thing with Steve waking up in the modern age. The one exception to this is the focus Janet and Hank’s struggling relationship gets… but then this never really goes anywhere except to keep making Janet miserable. See, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lacks the element I like in other superhero cartoons (like say X-Men Evolution or GLTAS), or the Marvel Cinematic Universe for that matter. Those are stories about people who either happen to be superheros, or who are involved in super events. EMH is about superheroes doing super things*.

This is one of the reasons I like Avengers Assemble in-spite of it’s more limited animation and thinner plots. Because it’s far more interested with having fun with its cast, showing their different friendships both on and off the team, and has lots and lots of sequences where they just mess around and do whatever. There are big points of criticism I can fling at AA though; like its weird exclusion of Black Widow not to mention basically all the girlfriend characters, (again) the lack of a strong plot and significant character development. But it’s fun, and it’s colorful, and Captain America is really well written in it. And I just enjoy watching it.

As for Disk Wars… I haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure I can add it to the “to-watch pile” right around Arrow, S2 of Elementary, The Sopranos, and everything else that’s piling up that I will get to someday.

*Don’t get me wrong, I still like EMH, I own the full series on blu-ray.

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I’m still not over what happened to Beware the Batman

The show had a bit of a slow start, but once the Ra’s story kicked in the series was firing on all cylinders. It will go down as the underrated Batman show that never got the chance it deserved.

Between it, Green Lantern TAS, and Young Justice, it shows you can do everything right but if the finance isn’t efficient enough to support the series, and the network is too incompetent to actually air the damn thing, there’s little you can do.

I hope the reason we haven’t heard of any new DC show is that WB is trying to make sure this shit doesn’t happen a forth time.

Yeah, it seems to me that CN had it out for this show from the very beginning. Warner Bros seemed to want it to do well, they did tons of press and released the series on home media as it was airing. Meanwhile the network couldn’t seem to want to bury it fast enough…

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Anonymous asked: What is the difference btw a subject of study and a study tool?

A subject of study is something you study. Like studying chemistry or the history of a genre of music. A study tool is something you use to help provide information on your subject of study; for example watching an educational film about chemistry or reading a research book on a genre of music.

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Anonymous asked: I think my intent is closer to the first question, since I’m not clear on what a study tool is. Books and movies are currently subject to analysis in school curriculum, can/should other mediums also be used the same way in school? It is fine to answer both questions if that does not inconvenience you. My apologies for not making my intent clear in the first question.

Ah, I see, very cool. Well, my answer is: I think all mediums should be the subject of academic analysis. But there needs to be an interest in building up tools and methods of analyzing these different mediums, and this can’t happen overnight

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Anonymous asked: Considering books and films are used as school study media, should other media be used too? What media would you recommend (can be from any medium); video games, animation, webcomic etc)

I think I need some clarification on what you’re asking… Are you asking if schools should use different mediums besides books and movies as subjects of study? Or are you asking if schools should use mediums other than books and movies as study tools?

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Oh hey, the Rescue Bots episode I worked on in between Korra Book 3 and 4 is out.
I was really worried the animators would hate me for asking for those perspective shots.

EDIT: Just watched the episode. SO glad they fixed the ending.

When you say “fixed the ending”, how do you mean? Like in a storyboarding sense or did the plot of the ending change?

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