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TMNT 2014 has this weird and very specific type wish-fulfillment thing going on with April.

Like… it presents us with the fantasy of you childhood pets coming back to rescue you from the monotony and doubtful naysayers of your every-day adult life by whisking you away on a grand adventure where…

ok yeah, i admit they got the rapport and sibling relations down pretty well and didn’t really mind April’s connection to them but there’s one major thing that completely shatters the story for me.

*Spoilers below since I can’t put a ‘read more’ break here*

And that thing would be Splinter’s backstory. First I want to say that the only series I’ve seen is the 2012 one and that is what I’m basing this on. Secondly I understand that no adaptation is 100% faithful. If I can at least imagine a reason why the parts were changed and they fit into this version of the story, I’m fine with it. But this just left me asking “why?”

One of my favorite things about Splinter is his characterization of his humanity. (the episodes with the rat king are some of my favorites cause they highlight it) Add into that his history with Shredder and you’ve got someone who has experienced loss and will fight to keep it from happening again.

And in the movie they took that all away. Without that I felt that Shredder’s connection to the turtles disappeared and he was just some big bad for the heroes to fight.

And I want to know why is there an entire wall made of boomboxes in their home? 

I agree. TMNT, at it’s core in nearly all incarnations (even the 80’s cartoon series) has had this “sins of the father are passed to the son” theme. Splinter, either as an intelligent rat or as Hamato Yoshi does something or is involved with something that the 4 turtles must inevitably deal with; which they do because they are loyal and dutiful sons. It always comes back to this aging dad and his kids trying to right past grudges and make the world a better place for their family. Generally, April is an outsider peering into this dynamic.

TMNT 2014 re-structures the story to be all about April. She’s the one with connections to the bad guys, she the one who has experienced loss of a family member, and she’s the one with an axe to grind.

Splinter even flat out states the reason he wanted to raise the turtles as his children was because he wished to emulate the love he saw between April and her father/the care she showed to them as animals in the lab. Like, this is huge! That’s a major shake-up to the relationship between Splinter and the turtles and their human companion. The notion of having the turtles and Splinter caught up in the tangle of April’s life instead of Splinter’s isn’t inherently a bad idea… but the relationship between April and the animal-planet team is so woefully underdeveloped that it just doesn’t gel.

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TMNT 2014 has this weird and very specific type wish-fulfillment thing going on with April.

Like… it presents us with the fantasy of you childhood pets coming back to rescue you from the monotony and doubtful naysayers of your every-day adult life by whisking you away on a grand adventure where you get to be super important and do lots of super cool things just cause. Not to mention that said former pets are now massive buff dudes who either respect you utterly (Donnie and Leo), will do anything to ensure your safety (Raph), or loudly declare their infatuation with you (Micky), and are all so much cooler than the fedora wearing loser at work.

Make no mistake, this is not a great movie… but its kinda got my number.

Filed under tmnt 2014 tmnt 2014 spoilers spoilers what this movie was really missing was quiet time the concept of April having a mom/super-big-sis role is interesting but never really used in a character-based way April bonding with the turtles as adults never really happens we get a great sense for the turtles' relationship with each other though so clearly this movie DOES know how to writing inter-personal banter and establish rapport

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I mean, you have to understand that — when we bring one of the Disney Princesses in to appear on Sofia the First, like we’re going to do with Tiana later on this year — we don’t do this sort of thing casually. We spend a lot of time making sure that we get the character design just right," Gerber continued. "We want to make sure that these Disney Princesses all look and sound the way they’re supposed to. Which is why we brought Ming-Na Wen in to voice Mulan for ‘Princesses to the Rescue.’

Which Disney Princesses Will Soon Be Showing Up on Sofia the First?


(Source: The Huffington Post)

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Oh? What sort of song did you want to have playing during Megatron’s death?

Something weird. So, how it went is, I started googling death scenes in movies, cuz I really wanted to get into it. And in my searches I came across this song from Riz Ortolani, the Opening theme to Cannibal Holocaust. And it was just really odd and serene and pop-y with the synth base. It’s not exactly what I’d have used, but… it was intriguing to me. 

Also, while on the subject, one of the best death scenes I’d seen was from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s nothing like the Megatron scene, but what I liked was the complexity of it all and the mixed emotions. Remember, I storyboarded a death scene that was WAY too long.

Confession: I like to imagine Cohen’s “Hallelujah” playing during Megatron’s death scene. There’s the inherent irony in the title, and you can sync up “the minor fall” with Meg’s plummet down to earth, and “the major lift” with BB pulling Optimus back on the ship. And, though it’s a ways into the episode “the baffled king composing” when Predaking wakes up to see the sunrise over Cybertron.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever considered watching Black Mirror?


I haven’t heard about it until now, but given the description, I may give it a shot sometime. Thank you!

So, I started watching Black Mirror the other day and man, that poor pig!

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Transformers Beast Machines: The Complete Series


Transformers: Beast Wars may have come to an end, but the adventures of Optimus Primal and his team of Maximals have just begun! When the Maximals return to their home planet of Cybertron, they find that everything has changed. Cybertron seems to have been abandoned…that is, except for the Vehicon drones policing the planet! To make matters worse, the Maximals discover that they’ve been infected with a virus that threatens to wipe them out, unless they can adapt. Enter the world of the Beast Machines!

Available for pre-order, to be released 09/02/2014

You all need to understand…

"DVD set includes commentaries and interviews with series developer Marv Wolfman, story editor Robert N. Skir, voice director Susan Blu and voice actor David Kaye."

*shimmy dance*

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It’s for Kids” is a reason why cartoons don’t have buckets loads of blood, decapitation, immolation, nudity, sex, swearing, or any of those adult matters. However I think the lack of those can make an animated series more mature because they can’t fall back on any of those “mature” items in an immature way. Swearing, hacking off limbs, and boobs, are an easy way to a mature rating. Having mature themes and stories are a way to get a mature show.

“It’s for Kids” is not a reason for a bad cartoon. Bad writing, direction, animation, voice acting, etc, are the reasons for a bad show. No one is expecting Game of Thrones or Dexter from a cartoon, but if you strip away the blood, nudity, and other things you can’t show on a kid’s network, you get mature stories. That is something you can show on a kid’s network and most of the highly praised cartoons are the ones that don’t say, “It’s for Kids.” They try to tell good stories and do not underestimate their audience.

If you give up and box yourself into a self-made limitation then you’re not going anywhere.

“It’s for Kids” Is Not An Excuse! - The Reaf Debrief

(Source: reafdebrief.wordpress.com)

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Anonymous asked: What about reptiles appeal to you?

Hmmm, well…

I think what really attracts me is that they’re “different” in a fundamental way from us good ol’humans and other mammals too. They have sleek, scaly bodies (that never-the-less feel warm) and equally charming sneaky eyes (with neat-o slits sometimes) and a wide array of jaws and claws. Plus, they’re so laden with personality. You have the mystique of the snake, the sweetness of a gecko, or the lumber power of a gator.

Part of it may be the personality thing… Reptiles generally give off a self-important, lazy-yet-confident air. They lie around in the sun, eat as much as they want when they need to, then sleep in the sun more. But generally they’re pretty dangerous. They just do what they want and don’t worry about being messed with, that’s pretty cool. Don’t we all wish we could live like that sometimes?

Basically, reptiles are cool, strong, confident, and different. And sometimes they’re dragons, what more you want?

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Anonymous asked: Minor-ish detail about The Walking Dead Game: I like that it avoids the clichéd "Black Guy Dies First". Even if you get the first game over death at the hands of the zombie cop, Lee still is not the first one to die (that would be the cop).

I agree, absolutely

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