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Korra Discussion: Everyone Checks in at Air Temple Island (aka Korra loves roomies)

I’ve noted before that what I like about the character of Korra is her ability to let go of personal grudges, make friends with people who initially antagonised her, and help them out.  Related to this is her interesting desire to not only foster good future relationships, but to literally bring people close to her physically by having them live with her.  What’s more, when she brings people into her home, they tend to exhibit greater personal growth and depth than they did living independently.

Korra, it seems, just wants to live with everyone….

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something i like about korra: she doesn’t hold grudge.

in her encounter with tarrlok she was so furious that she was going to kill him. but later, when she saw him without his bending in a prison cell she could leave her anger behind. when she heard noatak and tarrlok’s story she could empathize with them even she had been hurt emotionally and physically by both of them.

she attacked when she felt in danger, weak and insecure. but the moment she was stronger than tarrlok she didn’t opress him with her power or anger. and her behaviour didn’t change because of pity(and this is another thing i like about korra) she just didn’t have to be offensive anymore.

not sure it is always a good thing. she doesn’t judge people according to what they did in past or her feelings(similar to what happened with tahno) but because of that she misses the point most of the time. she can understand what is right or wrong but she doesn’t think about the reasons behind people’s actions.

Agreed.  In spite of her aggressive personality, Korra is not necessarily vindictive or mean spirited in the long term.  Over the course of the series, she runs across many people who don’t sow good relations with her initially: Tahno, Mako, Lin, Tarrlok, and even Tenzin at first.  But once she gets to know these people better, work with them through things, or they overcome personal issues, she’s generally willing to drop any bad blood and count them as valuable allies.  Its particularly noteworthy in the case of Tarrlok, considering all that he did to her.  She forgoes personal anger to solve the much bigger issue of Amon’s attack on Republic City and to put an end to the family’s sad history. 

As violent and headstrong as she may be, Korra doesn’t like hating others nor does she like being hated.  She wants to solve problems and work with others in a positive way, not drag the bad things out.

Its also a good contrast to the villains of the series: Amon/Noatok, Yakone, Hiroshi Sato, and Tarrlok (although he was able to be conscious of his personal failings eventually).  Because they are all characterized by not being able to let go of their grudges and the people that hurt them.  They lash out at everyone and everything constantly and don’t try to move forward progressively.

I wonder if perhaps this is why Tarrlok decided that he simply had to kill himself and Noatok in the end?  Perhaps he thought that they were beyond progress and redemption, and that Korra would eventually forgive and try to work with them as allies, and Tarrlok couldn’t conceive this working out?  After all, Tarrlok’s major flaw (much like Korra) is he always has to be in control, and has difficultly trusting others to look after major things.  Or, perhaps he didn’t want Korra burdened with the responsibility of eventually having to kill the two of them anyways and he wanted to spare her the decision? 

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