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thejokesterearth3alive asked: First time asker here with this to ask: Airachnid and Arcee's "relationship", I can view it one or both of these ways. First she is obbssed with Arcee in a serial killer "one who got away" type manner. Second she had some sort of "attraction" to Arcee. Not in any healthy or redeemable way mind you, more in a "I want to capture this person and keep them as my personal slave forever and ever" way. What do you think?

Hey there, always cool to meet someone new.

I think Airachnid wanted to kill Arcee as an endgame, but yes it was a personal obsession. Airachnid’s strong desires for violence and revenge were certainly not limited to Arcee; stalking, lying, physical torture, and murder simply seem to be how Airachnid interacts with others as a general rule (which helps emphasize the theme of Decepticons being stagnate and isolated). Though Airachnid seemed to enjoy tormenting Arcee on a personal emotional/psychological level which she does not descend to when interacting with say… Breakdown, Starscream, Soundwave, etc. Which would perhaps indicate that she places Arcee on a different, “special” level as compared to the others.

So yes, there’s something going on between two, but as you say: certainly nothing healthy.

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Ashley Eckstein Interviews the Women of Transformers: Prime

"Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the creator of Her Universe, recently interviewed the women behind Transformers: Prime for the “Year of the Fangirl.” From the voice actors to production, the list of talented women includes voice actors Tania Gunadi and Sumalee Montano, writers Nicole Dubuc and Mairghread Scott, producer Therese Trujillo, production coordinator Meredith Rodgers, the head of post production Austin Block, and the animatics editor Meghan Burleson.”

Whoa! This is a goldmine!

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one day

one fucking day

people will talk about Arcee the way they talk about Optimus or Starscream

and there will be pages and pages of tag conversation about this expression and how devastated she looks and how she doesn’t even struggle when Megatron has a blade to her throat

because right now she can’t see anything worth struggling for

fuck I am gonna get Arcee feelings all over your dashboard and there’s not a thing you can do about it

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selfishmisery asked: I know we're all looking forward to Oct. 4th when the big finale of Prime finally airs. What are your predictions about how the movie will play out, how the unresolved storylines like Airachnid and Zombie!Skyquake will be finished, and what characters will bite it and how?



I’ve got a couple predictions about what may or may not go down in Predacon Rising, but of course I’ve been very wrong before and we’ll all just have to wait and see…

  • I have a feeling that Airachnid and Skyquake probably won’t get touched on during this movie. They’ll probably be saved for the sequel series if they ever show up again in this continuity line at all. Same deal with Soundwave, but I predict with near certainty that he definitely will pop up in whatever follows TFP given his popularity and how “Deadlock” bent over backwards to get him out of the plot while still technically leaving him alive. There’s no doubt in my mind that Starscream will follow in short order

  • Speaking of popular bots, I suspect Shockwave won’t appear in Predacon Rising, but will likely meet his end in the current Beast Hunters comics by way of Grimlock

  • Predaking and the newly arriving Predacons are an interesting element… either Predaking and Optimus team-up and decide to cooperatively rule Cybertron together in the end (finally giving Optimus someone who will take his hand rather than slice it off), or Predaking gets slagged by Optimus at the end of the flick. Either outcome is entirely possible

  • Hopefully Knockout gets some good scenes of him trying to play Mr. Good Cat on the Autobots’ side

  • Hopefully Smokescreen gets to do something really cool and awesome… or even better, takes over head archivist duties at a rebuilt Hall of Records

As for the overall plot structure, since certain press releases have already leaked way too much information I don’t wanna dwell on that too much right now. But those are my predictions, maybe I’ll be on the money with some, maybe I’m dead wrong. Either way, I’m really looking forward to Predacon Rising and will stack everything up after that.

Thank you for the ask

I don’t know about Smokescreen taking over a rebuilt Hall of Records.  To me, it would be more satisfying as a character arc for Smokescreen if Optimus were to bequeath the office of Prime on him, and let Orion Pax take over the rebuilt hall of records.  Smokimus Prime, who was chosen by Alpha Trion, gets to lead the NEW Cybertron, leading all factions towards a peaceful future with the input of Predaking and some Decepticon vehicon advisor, or even Knockout but I’m a sucker for vehicons as actual characters.  Orion Pax will be the archival steward of OLD Cybertron, carrying on its traditions, and trying to reconstruct the war that he slept through impartially, with compassion for both sides in his recording since he has seen both the bravery of the Autobots and the noble beginnings of.the Decepticons.  This would create a satisfying old vs new transition without the need for anyone to die.

As for things I want to happen, take the above and add Starscream and Shockwave bringing Soundwave FIRRIB and Ravage back from the Shadow Zone and then returning in peace ; or rather in scientific  detatchment, non-violent political scheming, and loyal efficiency to the last part of the decepticon plan that can be enacted respectively ; to Cybertron in order to enact Phase 7.

I know that Operation : Babies will never happen, but Smokimus Prime and Archivist Pax could happen and would be a very satisfying conclusion in my estimation.

Interesting proposal. But I still hold to Smokescreen either remaining a soldier (perhaps working to becoming a warrior as Bumblebee did), repairing the archives alongside a hopefully retired Orion Pax, or assisting the new Prime….

Arcee Prime…

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Okay but his hand is bigger than her whole fuckin’ head and it made me crack up and this is why I’m single.

Lol. Yes.
Also, after bee died, he was supposed to lean in to her and say “One down.”
Cut. For time and pacing, I’m sure.

Aw… That would have been good to keep in. Surely it couldn’t have taken up that much screentime…

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introducing Smokescreen, the cutest and bounciest little mech in all the land

bonus gif for added bounce:

There was an exchange between Wheeljack and UM and Arcee that came after this… it was a pain to figure out how to stage it properly. But… in the end, I’m glad it’s gone.

Also, I love that snap to attention! I didn’t intend it to be so cute, but it’s great how polygon animated it! XD

But now we’ll never know what Arcee/UM/WJ talked about…


Arcee was trying to get WJ and UM to admit they have strong feelings for each other. But it wasn’t needed, because you saw the bromance blossom during that fight when WJ hooked the whip to UM’s hammer.

Seriously though, it was an exchange that just slowed things down. They also cut out about half of the cave exploration stuff I had to board out… but trust me, the episode did not need any of it.

Arcee the Wrecker shipper…

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That look Arcee gives Smokescreen when he reveals his new paint job…

There’s a lot hidden inside that look and oddly for me, none of it romantic

#i’ve been trying to read that look #seems mostly like pity #and something else 

I agree.

For all her complaining about Smokescreen and her justifiably aggressive attitude towards him, I get the feeling that Arcee really does understand this kid… probably a lot better than he understands himself. Heck, she wouldn’t have given him such a hard time if she didn’t like him, after-all she was trying to get him up to speed with the rest of the team and teach him some self-preservation. When Smokescreen did a good job, like retrieving the Omega Keys and escaping capture in “Inside Job”, she told him so. Arcee understood why Smokescreen behaved the way he did and where his attitude came from, but she knew it had to be curbed because such childishness was a hindrance to their war-efforts.

So, when Smokescreen peels into the base with a new coat of paint… a color that suspiciously resembles her own… she can see right through him, through the gears and cogs of his mind into why he did this and what he’s thinking. She doesn’t praise him. She doesn’t scold him. She doesn’t question him… She just gives him this look…

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obfuscobble replied to your post: Transformers 30 Day Challenge: Day 1 

For some reason I was not expecting you to pick Jazz. And yet I cannot fault your choice : he’s pretty FLAWLESS.

It’s a tough choice, I’ll admit. There’s a great deal of Autobot characters I do really like (Ultra Magnus, Tracks, Moonracer, Cosmos), but to have a character I like across most if not all continuities becomes challenging. For example, I really like TFP!Arcee, but her TFA incarnation doesn’t have much to go on (not that she’s a bad character, just that we don’t see much of her), G1!Arcee is pretty cool but not my favorite, and I came to like IDW Arcee as presented in the Robots in Disguise run oddly enough, but not really in the earlier ongoing IDW issues which introduced her character.

With Jazz, he’s always excellent. Every single incarnation of him I’ve loved, he’s always fun to watch and interesting. Even if the work he was in didn’t necessarily treat him respectfully (Bay-verse), or even if he wasn’t a “nice” person per say (Aligned Continuity novels).

Though, I am curious… Who did you think I was gonna pick?

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