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Pony Discussion: “Baby Cakes” and Pinkie’s Growth




I wanted to take a little time here to discuss what I found especially intriguing about the most recent episode of MLP: FIM, Baby Cakes. 

Obviously, the full text of this post contains spoilers for the episode.

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This is good and you should feel good.

I agree that Pinkie is, in her own right, a very interesting character, and I enjoyed seeing her in a more mature situation handling something a bit more serious than what she normally has to deal with. :)

I get so excited when I see other people write their thoughts on FiM. It’s always like, “Things to discuss and reblog! :D!”

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Pinkie Pie is that there’s a lot more to her than you’d first expect. I always compare her in my mind to Gir from Invader Zim. I mean, I loved Gir. Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious. But… spouting random nonsense and screwing everything up were literally the only things to his character. And in the end my favorite episode in the entire series was the one where he went crazy and briefly became something more.

Pinkie spouts random nonsense all the time and screws up with some regularity, but there’s always been more to her character than that. She can be overbearing at times but she really does care about her friends. And she doesn’t spend much time in reflection but she does clearly have feelings that go deeper than wanting to have fun. So while she might not be my favorite character, I’m always impressed by her because I think in any other show her character would be nothing beyond saying silly things.

I hadn’t actually thought of it in this way before, but the OP is right: her worldview is rarely challenged. She’s almost always in the right in episodes focusing on her. And I agree that this was part of what made Baby Cakes so good. It was a great role reversal. Pinkie is normally the wacky pony driving everyone nuts, and in this episode she got to be on the other side for once and had to deal with trying to keep things under control. I really liked seeing her learn a lesson instead of being used to teach a lesson to someone else like in most of the other episodes she’s been in.

Anyway, because it’s almost relevant, here’s a video of her singing Tim Minchin’s “I Can Have a Dark Side,” because it makes me laugh and is so so appropriate for her.

Just as an addition to this awesome discussion, I want to briefly address why I feel Pinkie is rarely directly challenged in behavior/personality, unlike the other ponies have been thus far.

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