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tardigraderanger asked: Who are your top 5 favorite characters from the Aligned Continuity? WfC, Foc, Exodus, Exiles, Prime, and RB.

Ah, the Aligned Continuity specifically… A very interesting question.

  1. Grimlock
  2. Dreadwing
  3. Arcee
  4. Blades
  5. Cody Burns/Frankie Greene (close tie)

The Rescue Bots kids count, they’re Aligned and also the best damned humans in the entire franchise.

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[picture: a digitally drawn doodle of dani and a tiny blades in activewear stretching. or trying to stretch, at least. // the picture is lined in dark purple and has been overlaid with a glitter vinyl texture. the background is cream and pale cream.]

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and, Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this..


[picture: a digitally drawn doodle of dani and a tiny blades in activewear stretching. or trying to stretch, at least. // the picture is lined in dark purple and has been overlaid with a glitter vinyl texture. the background is cream and pale cream.]


1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and,
Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this..

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Okay, can I just take a moment to point out what this says about Bumblebee?

He is tortured by Megatron. Tortured. By Megatron. And Megatron may choose to leave him alive in the end, but surviving that is still no mean feat.

And Bumblebee keeps going up against Megatron afterwards - and doing so without hesitation. In Operation: Bumblebee, he charges into a groundbridge to steal the spark extractor right out of Megatron’s hands - the hands of the same mech who left him broken and bleeding on a dying Cybertron - and even reenacts his daring exploits for the kids later. There’s a lot of resilience there.

And there’s a surprisingly lack of bitterness, too. After what he went through, Bumblebee could well have wound up resentful - of the war, of his cause, of the medic who failed to save his voice. But Ratchet seems far more distressed by his failure than Bumblebee does - Bumblebee simply accepts it. In fact, he doesn’t seem to spend any time dwelling on it at all.

Part of this is probably due to the fact that Bumblebee is still, relatively, quite young. Indeed, a great deal of his behavior remains almost childlike.  When he’s stuck at base without his t-cog, he refuses to stop bothering Ratchet and leave him alone. In the very depths of Megatron’s mind, Bumblebee is still utterly fascinated by the projection of himself. ‘Bee even manages to feel distress at the small things, like stepping on Raf’s remote-controlled car. But his innocence doesn’t stem from a lack of experience with the realities of existence - he’s been through more than enough to destroy any illusions about that. They all have.

So all of this? It says that Bumblebee is remarkably determined, resilient, and fiercely optimistic. Or, at least, that’s what it should say.

Instead, by the show, at least, it’s often just accepted, treated as a given, and that frustrates me a little.

Poor Bumblebee. He hardly ever does anything in the show. It’s kind of unfortunate because he’s sold as a flagship character, but hardly gets any character development. It’s true. We are shown Bumblebee’s optimism and determination through his actions, but that’s about it. We aren’t shown why or how. It’s not expanded on.

The only real test to his resilience comes when Raf is almost killed by Megatron at the end of season 1… and even then we really only see him punch a wall and get calmed down by Arcee.

I remember hearing that originally, Raf was going to actually die in that arc…. DAMN. How great would that have been for Bee’s development??? He could have actually gone through an actual character arc instead of having his character remain stagnant the rest of the time…

I mean, Arcee gets Airachnid and Starscream and her revenge plots, Bulkhead gets to learn empathy, Ratchet comes to be more compassionate of the humans (and he’ll get a nice challenge to that in season 3 apparently), even Optimus Prime (the embodiment of the Transformers brand) actually develops somewhat as a character after the season 1 finale. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Smokescreen has been around for like FIVE episodes and he’s had more development/focus than Bumblebee has!!

Am I wrong or is this kind of unfair to our poor adorable Bee??

Totally unfair, I agree!  Well said.

It seems like the most Bumblebee really gets is to facilitate other characters’ development.  His voicebox gets damaged - but Ratchet is the one who’s still feeling guilty over that.  “His” human is nearly killed - but Optimus is the one who tries to hunt down and kill Megatron because of it.  Bumblebee is the one who gets Megatron to reconsider letting Optimus die in “Sick Mind”, and shows up just in time to shame Arcee into sparing Starscream in “Partners”.  He’s like an emotional touchstone for everyone else, without actually getting much development himself.

I had real hopes for “Operation Bumblebee”, because it made so much sense to me that Bumblebee might be sublimating all of the effects of the war - the anger, the trauma - into being as useful as possible to The Cause, and that would all come crumbling down when he suddenly couldn’t be useful anymore (something I felt the creators played with decently well with Bulkhead’s protracted injury in Season 2).  But I was disappointed when the end of that episode was so clean-cut:  new t-cog = Bee is completely fixed, nothing to see here, move along.

I’m not sure whether it’s Bee’s voicelessness that’s getting in the way for the writers (I feel like Soundwave is pretty under-used, as well, maybe for the same reason).  But they’ve found creative ways to show what Bee is feeling in a lot of different situations throughout the series, so if that is the issue, it really shouldn’t stop them.

ohhh god YES. I feel like they’re AFRAID that we won’t understand Bumblebee because he’s not speaking words… but they’ve already shown they’re capable of having him understood-

In episode 6 he is working with Raf on his science project and they have what can only be described as the most adorable conversation EVER. Raf asks about his status as a scout and replies to his beeps and whirrs with generic responses that are ALSO informative to what Bumblebee is saying… it’s really not that hard. But the way they’ve used his character since then- it does seem like they’re just afraid to try having him actually talk in any meaningful way.

Operation Bumblebeewouldhave been great to challenge Bumblebee’s contribution to the team without a t-cog… but yeah. That episode was pretty much about Ratchet. OH HEY. Just like how OperationBreakdownwas aboutBulkhead.Haha! There seems to be a pattern with the “operation” episodes, huh?

As for Soundwave… I feel like it’s different for him. His lack of speech is apparently a choice. His silence makes him creepier- more menacing. And when he actually DOES take action he WRECKS, and you know it’s serious business. So while it would be AMAZING to see more of Soundwave, I don’t mind his lack of inclusion as much as I do with Bumblebee (the apparent flagship character)

At least Bumblebee got to have a special episode of Rescue Bots dedicated to how awesome, heroic, and cool he was.  Though, even then, you could argue that this was more about framing and developing Blades as a characters rather than BB…

Poor guy just can’t catch a break

Anyways, I find this whole discussion very interesting.  Characters like Bumblebee, (the hard-working, enthusiastic, playful but helpful, eager to mature, young-man types) are usually archetypes Western cartoons love to focus on.  Instead, Bumblebee is used as a vehicle to develop others in the cast, most notably archetypes Western cartoons don’t dwell on much like Ratchet (an elderly character) and Arcee (a female character). 

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Rescue Bots is on Netflix!


Now I can have access to HD of my adorable robo-babies whenever I want!

Go forth my American and Transformers loving followers…  Spread the love, coax others to watch the show, partake in fandom activities, buy the toys, leave strange tweets on DC Douglas’ twitter account

These are the things that get further seasons greenlit

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Transformers Rescue Bots S1E15

If pressed, I’d probably say that The Griffon Rock Triangle is not only my personal favorite episode of Rescue Bots, but also the best written, and one of the more technically/thematically competent offerings.

Firstly, the script comes to us courtesy Mairghread Scott Having written Stronger Faster for Transformers Prime, this should give you a hint of her abilities to structure good drama and full character arcs into one episode without feeling too stuffed.  It has a number of imaginative actions set-pieces such as the underwater boat rescue and tunnel exploration scenes.  The basic plot of the episode has a wonderfully surreal quality to itself as well, as Cody unravels a decades old maritime mystery. 

Professor Anna Baranova is a great female character, and a welcome addition to the cast; it was great to have her show-up again in Countdown.  Her design and general look is very distinct, and it’s nice to have an older woman still presented as attractive.  I also like the direct comparison Boulder makes between the professor’s fear of loosing her isolating, but comforting laboratory home, to what the Autobots have gone through with the death of Cybertron.  Rescue Bots doesn’t usually like to delve into the darker TFP-related aspects of its premise after-all, note how they wrote around just why Bumblebee can’t talk during Bumblebee to the Rescue.  As a side note to this, I was very surprised to see Optimus flat out say “Decepticons” during the Bot to the Future preview clip.

Its my favorite type of Rescue Bots episode as well.  Lacking the classic Proud Red vs. Fabulous Purple dynamic of Autobots vs. Decepticons Transformers fiction usually mines plot from, Rescue Bots has to look elsewhere to structure conflict.  Typically, stories stem from one or more of Doc Greene’s experiments gone horribly wrong (which unfortunately gets stale after awhile), sitcom-esque character banter (which is entertaining, but cannot hold full episodes of a children’s action cartoon), or more adventurous scenarios involving the rich history of Griffon Rock itself such as The Griffon Rock Triangle or The Lost Bell.

I like plots structured around Griffon Rock because it helps build the setting and makes the audience increasingly emotionally invested in the town, much like Cody is himself.  After all, you generally want the viewer and the central protagonist on roughly the same page of personal investments.  For example, in The Reign of Doctor Morocco, the underlying threat (and eventually realized threat in the finale) is largely represented by the fact that life on the island might irrecoverably change.   The friendly community is threatened by an external source that seeks to disrupt the status quo for selfish reasons (the titular Rescue Bots upset the status quo too in the S1 opener, yes, but they worked to fit in and did so for pure survival).  Much like New York City in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man films, Griffon Rock is a sort of character itself, and the audience wants to see it developed and protected appropriately.  Cody even discusses the importance of Griffon Rock and its people with Prof Baranova to get her to leave her underwater lab and return to the surface world.

You know Griffon Rock, it never changes!  People are still the same too, and most of ‘em are really nice.  I think you know that though…  Otherwise, you wouldn’t have risked everything to try and help them.  Don’t you want to finish what you started?

You can’t resist my cuteness doctor…  Don’t try to fight it…

To any rate, I love The Griffon Rock Triangle because it succeeds in so many areas.  I hope that Mairghread Scott does more scripts for Rescue Bots in the future, and that S2 keeps up the series’ energy.

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