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Also that’s not how cloning works







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I…don’t really see the biology fail. [read more.]

I am thankful that you respect my intelligence and opinion.  I also respect yours!  However, I must disagree with the leniency you give the last episode.  Allow me to defend my opinion that the “science” with these clones was faulty within the show’s own previously established rules.

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If I may interject? This doesn’t necessarily give answers, but it seems like the information may be important to speculate on possible answers. Apologies if it’s not written out all that intelligently, but I’m not exactly feeling… Bookish right now.

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Fascinating!  Hmm, you’re right that Starscream mentioned binary bonding and that he was not an expert on the science involved.  He just knew enough to get it to work, but maybe not work correctly or as he’s anticipated. I agree that the lab was probably a dirty little secret since Starscream should have otherwise known it was there form his previous scouring of the ship.

I have some theories about the Clones and how they function in relation to Starscream too.  And I will share my theories even though no one asked and I’m probably wrong, ha!

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Draqua you’re a bit of a genius!  Because now I get the idea that if, as you said, the technology was broken or out of date and the shared mind bit was the only REMNANT of what was a more refined standard process…
Then perhaps that would imply that cloning used to be something where the cloner in control would consciously create multiple bodies of his or hers that worked as a not-hive-mind, but a one mind with multiple bodies, sort of like Movie Arcee.  That would have been really BOSS.  Too bad Starscream didn’t get that to work right, because exploring STarscream working two bodies at once, with shared mind and experiences would have been delightful.

Exactly what thinking.  Not only that but…

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