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tardigraderanger asked: lol I kinda meant for you to give one of those mini-review-ish things you do every time someone asks you what you think of a show. And I know what you mean. I never watched the original G.I. Joe before Renegades, (though it did seem pretty good for an 80s cartoon when I did finally watch a bit of it) but I still thought it was really awesome.

Ah, I gotcha.

Well, for starters… Yes, I really enjoy GI Joe Renegades. It is an extremely well made, well written cartoon and its lack of a second season makes me very sad. The action is excellent, featuring a good blend of shoot-outs, monster battles, martial arts, and good ol’fisty-cuffs.

The dynamic between the cast members is great, as they go from strange bedfellows, to friends, to a tight-knit family. I also like how it has a warm, underlying theme of trying to seek out preserve classic American ideals of family, comradery, and the beauty of living off the land. You don’t see that a lot in cartoons, but GI Joe Renegades really is like a 26 episode “Road Movie”…

imageNow, I’ve talked about Renegades before in a way that I think will answer your question here, so I’ll just copy some of the relevant text over…

GI Joe Renegades had very strong narrative arcs and excellent character interaction.  I think a lot of this comes strength comes from a great production team.  Most notably Marty Isenberg serving as co-Story Editor, a position he also filled in Transformers Animated, which also featured very good narrative pacing and cast dynamics. 


 […] I have my complaints towards GI Joe R too.  As I have mentioned before, I didn’t much care for the series’ finale.  Though this can be excused due to their unfortunate and abrupt cancellation; so very well.  I also have some grievances with the character of Scarlet, mostly in terms of how the show withheld establishing her back story and motivations for far too long.  And how the show refused to let us inside her head; uncertain if whether Scarlet or Duke was the real protagonist.  But that’s just me.  Everything I say is nothing more than my personal meandering opinion.

imageAnd there are some other points I could nit-pick, like the show’s over-reliance on Bio-Viper’s to provide conflict when the named villains were so much more interesting, and how Jinx’s character was handled… But overall it’s a really solid show and I hope more people will check it out.

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luminak answered your question: Ripcord’s many transformations from human into…

Love gi joe renegades! totally deserved more. XD and tunnel rat was totally rattrap in every way.

And he even has his own sword wielding, super cool, lizard lips!

In all seriousness though, I agree.  It boggles my mind that GI Joe Renegades received so little attention when it was originally airing and has a such a small (but dedicated) fandom to this day. 

It has its flaws to be sure, but on the whole, the show is very well made, has great characters, cool ideas, and awesome action.  It think it has great appeal to a broad audience…  But here we are.  Ah well…

And it has a giant snake in it.

And snakes are cool

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