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The Human Factor



That was hardcore, man

I only have one itsy-bitsy complaint…

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I actually commented about the same thing when I was chatting with a friend while watching. It was extremely unneeded and pointless. I think you’re right—it was probably there purely to be humorous. Definite miss.

I’ve found most of the one-off gags in TFP to be flat since the beginning of the series. If they get a laugh out of me it’s usually a ‘this is so corny it’s funny’ case. Or a ‘I can’t believe they went there.’

I think TFA pulled off humor better since it was overall more bright and humorous, and TFP has trouble juggling it with its more serious tone.

I agree.  To me, TFP is best when it embraces a more black comedy approach.  If you’re going to have serious events and more mature characters, let the humor reflect that; it’s okay.  The scenes that actually got me laugh out verbally in The Human Factor were Megatron’s interactions with Silas, just through the way he was treating the guy and pushing him around.  Plus, it worked to demonstrate the dynamics between them and establish why Megatron would do what he did in the final act. 

I get that kids like potty humor…  I guess?  But, I dunno…

I’m just happy they played Knockout up as having a legit personal objection to everything that was happening and he didn’t just want Breakdown back for as someone to lift things off high shelves and open jars.  They could have just let Knockout make one smart-ass joke and continued on with the plot…  but no: Knockout’s really upset by all this and he’s going to do something about it.  So that’s cool, that’s alright by me.

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