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So, I was re-watching Inglourious Basterds the other day, and I couldn’t help but notice the similar blocking and framing of the sequence wherein Bulkhead beats the Starscream Clone to death in Armada as compared to the scene wherein Landa strangles Bridget von Hammersmark to death in the theater.

And then it hit me…

  • An overly complicated narrative told out of order, through the perspective of several characters, and beginning in media res?
  • Actions Girls of questionable morality on a bloody quest for vengeance via elaborate means against those who have wronged them?
  • Evil versus evil?
  • An unflappable bad-ass probably possessing APD who reacts with either bemusement or murder to the increasing insanity in their lives?
  • Rapid change in tone from comedy to serious drama?
  • A deliberate focus on the aesthetics and glorification of violence?
  • Extended shots of either women’s feet or feminine feet in general?

Written by Matt Wayne, eh?  A likely alias!

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