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joyseeker56 asked: Draqua, I must admit something- before I read your pad, I didn't think much of Rescue Bots and thought Sofia the First was another Disney crud. After reading your pad I started to love reading about them because of you. Thank you for showing that shows for very young kids can be compelling. Even I can be narrow-minded sometimes.

No problem, and I’m glad you checked them out!

One of the major reasons I run this blog is to talk about shows, comics, movies, musicians, and other pieces of media that I think do have a lot of appeal that aren’t being heavily addressed by other bloggers be it by tumblr or on other sites. It’s all part of leveraging social media in a way you find productive: sharing my interests and recommendations, etc. Young children’s shows tend to get glossed over pretty fast unless a parenting advice blog does pieces on it, and even then it tends to be general product reviews (content warnings, DVD reviews, toy reviews, etc).

I like to talk about episode writing, characters, and the mechanical components of shows because that’s what I also enjoy reading about. So, if I’m watching something I like that’s not being talked about, I’ll at least try to fill that void.

So, I’m really glad that what I’m doing is working and that you’ve become interested in checking out these shows. I might also recommend you give Doc McStuffins a gander. It’s another Disney Junior show skewing more to the educational side about a young girl who runs a “clinic” for broken toys in her backyard. Very charming, great cast and voice acting too.

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joyseeker56 asked: What do you think of the Red Wedding and of Theon in season 3?

Due to tumblr spoiler osmosis, I went into season 3 with a rough idea of what the Red Wedding would entail. So the surprise and horror a lot of first time viewers felt was unfortunately lost on me. Still, it was a shocking event, beautifully shot and sickening to behold. The hardest thing for me to watching being the death of Cat, she was my favorite Stark next to Sansa…

As for Theon, I was disgusted by his actions during season 2 (though I could understand why he did ‘em), so kudos to the writing staff for making me sympathize with him throughout the course of S3. That being said, seeing him suffer again and again and again episode after episode after episode in exceedingly brutal ways did get a little… numbing… to say the least. There’s only so many times I had watch a grown man cry, let’s put it that way.

Still, great season all around.

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Whoa man…

That’s a lot of pals, shared interest buddies, and well wishers. Let me extend a big “thank-you” to all of my followers, I hope you continue to enjoy your stay. Since we’ve arrived at this big, healthy number, let me ask you a question:

I’m working on a Madoka AMV right now, but after it’s done, what if I made a sort of “Components of an AMV” breakdown type video? Like, I would showcase samples of past AMVs and CMVs that I’d done and explain how I did the audio syncing/lip syncing, story-telling, or other special tricks that make the final product look nice. Sort of a “behind the scenes” of AMV editing type feature. Would people find that interesting? Since it might end up being a substantial project I want to gauge audience response first.

Thanks once again to everyone who follows my blog, your support means a lot to me.

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When nobody was looking, Draqua amassed 400 followers! That’s as many as four times one hundred, and that’s amazing!

Seriously though, thank you all so much everyone! I hope I’m able to keep running a fun and interesting blog for you all, and here’s looking forward to more friends in the future.

Thanks again!

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Anonymous asked: Are you looking for recs? Because I got a few.

Sure! I’m always open to media recommendations*: cartoons, movies, video games, anime, etc.

Be advised though, I have a busy schedual and a long list of things to play/watch/read/etc. So, if you recommend me something, it may be awhile before I’m actually able to sit down and watch it or blog about it. I can’t make any promises on time frames either.

Still, please feel free to send me recommendations. I’m always up to hear about what people are interested in.

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