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Beast Hunters Deluxe: Ratchet, Skystalker, and Dreadwing.

Holy shit Dreadwing… Well, no one can hurt you now…

(In other news, goddam Skystalker looks awesome)

Well Dreadwing is looking a bit… moth-ish, now, isn’t he?

Also yes Skystalker is awesome.

He certainly is… Feeling better about this all the time

ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

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what a beautiful flying monster

Oh my gosh, look at this fluffy cutie

And people say pokemon and shit aren’t real.

This is actually Knock Out playing a prank on Dreadwing.

Except that it doesn’t work because Dreads doesn’t give a shit about paintjobs.

And then it backfires because Knock Out realizes that he has to look at that everyday.

And once Dreads realizes this, he refuses to change it.

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