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I’ve always found it interesting how the Decepticons all seem to be obsessed with rank.

Weren’t they the ones who wanted to abolish the old caste system?

Y’all have lost sight of your goal, haven’t you?

So I’m inclined to think the obsession with rank is no longer a matter of caste. Any member of the named rank and file (I’m excluding the Vehicons – I’m still not really sure what to do with them) has the opportunity to advance, regardless of caste – provided they have the firepower, the ruthlessness, and the pain tolerance to back it up.

And don’t happen to be around Megatron when he’s on dark energon. Or when he’s in a bad mood. Or when it’s Tuesday.

And I’d be willing to argue that, in Megatron’s mind, this is a significant improvement over the way it used to be. Especially given his gladiatorial background – the strong survive, the weak perish.

But hey! It’s not a caste system anymore.

(Yeah, the goal went off a cliff a while back.)

Yup.  This is a Megatron no longer actively pursuing his original cause.  This is a Megatron obsessed with some basic wants, and they’re not focused on making earth the new vacation spot for all Decepticons.  Its all about, like so many things in this world, shoving pointy things into Optimus Prime’s dark places.

Murder!  I mean murder!

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