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// - …So maybe it’s just a case of me having waited until the premiere to watch it and you all figured this out as soon as the torrent went up and I just never new because I had spoilers tagged, but, uh.

They apparently told us about Smokey, his repaint, and KO’s defection in the movie back in the middle of S2?  During Nemesis Prime.

I almost fell off the bed.  This is like the third thing during this first-time re/watch with the non-fandom roommate that we’ve slapped ourselves upside the head about.

Well I’ll be damned…

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Holy shit







I pop into the TFP tag and it turns out that Hasbro sucks at not spoiling the grand finale. I haven’t looked at the spoiler(s), but I imagine that it’s an End of Evangelion-esque mindfuck in which nothing makes sense, characters get killed off in screwed up ways, Jack and Miko are traumatized and stranded on a lifeless Earth and Cybertron remains a wasteland.

I feel sick.

It ends with a wedding between Knockout and Smokescreen. It’s kind of a Romeo and Juliette kind of thing.

Fuck that

Knock Out wouldn’t settle for that brat

True story, I wrote that because during a premier event I went to for the release of season three, the voice actors for KO and Smokey came up and asked if Hasbro would do a spin off series about their characters.

Oh jeez, that’s pretty cute. It could be a show about cars and racing.

It’d be the prequel to Pixar’s Cars. Lightning McQueen is their son.

Oh my goodness…

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Some rambly thoughts on Megatron


Whereas Starscream’s problem as a leader seems to mainly be his insecurity/that he doesn’t handle setbacks very well, Megatron’s issue is that, well, he seems to see himself as the character in a story.

And he gets upset when people do things that are are dramatically inappropriate. By which I’m primarily referring to how he’s apparently the only one who can kill Optimus Prime, even if letting disease/another Decepticon kill him off would remove the proverbial thorn in his side. It’s like the war stopped being about real people and became this melodramatic legend of the rivalry between a heroic ex-gladiator and the archivist-turned-warrior who betrayed him.

I mean, I think we’re all aware of this, but I’m mostly thinking of how this attitude screws over the Decepticons because they’re not supposed to do things that would make for an unsatisfying plot.

I agree, Megatron sees himself as the rugged, Spartacus-esque hero of humble beginnings who rose against an oppressive government, only to be tragically betrayed by his closest friend.  Now, he carves an unstoppable path towards his goals of victory, conquest, and (as he himself states) god-hood…  all the while failing to realize he’s become infinitely more twisted than anything he ever originally fought against. 

Or, he’s developed an almost Deadpool like meta-awareness that he is in fact the bad-guy in a cartoon show aimed at boys 8-13; so of course he has to beat Optimus and fuck shit up in the most brutal way possible.

I am but a soldier, Megatron…  And you, are but a prisoner of your own twisted delusions

Furthermore, I don’t think this is accidental…  I think TFP likes this level of narrative and archetype critique.  There’s a lot of examples of characters operating under the assumption that they play a certain role, or can force themselves into a new role without fully understanding the consequences.

Destiny’s Child here wanted to be a great warrior of destiny, and ended up being a glorified treasure chest.  He only experienced success when he stopped worrying about himself/his destiny, shut-up, and started working for the good of the team.

Silas wanted to discard his humanity “walk among Titans”, and ultimately got dissected like a needle through a bug…

And then there’s Optimus Prime himself; the humble librarian who rose to the occasion to become the Last of Primes…

The greatest, most powerful, most iconic and revered robot hero alive…  but do you think that makes him happy and fulfilled?  What good has the title of Prime ever brought Optimus?

So, I guess the moral at the end of the day is…  being a cartoon character is suffering, and be yourself!

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So, I’m playing the TFP Wii game…

… But it’s weird, the time at which this game takes place is flat out impossible.

Airachnid is still serving under Megatron, but she’s got an Insection hive with her too…  But that can’t be since she only took control of them after she jumped ship.

Knockout’s in the game, but Breakdown isn’t…  nor is he even mentioned at all!  So, where is he?

Starscream’s the SIC of the Decepticons still…  but Dreadwing’s there too.  What?  Dreadwing only worked with Megatron when Starscream wasn’t aboard the Nemesis!

There’s this meteorite filled with Dark Energon and this dude called Thunderwing who claims to be serving Unicron and wants to destroy The Matrix…  So, then, is Unicron still conscious?  Or is Thunderwing just acting on his own?  Does he know Earth is Unicron at all?

I…  caN’t … fOlLOw tHis…

Someone’s been messing around with reality and correct sequences of events!  The timeline is distorted!  Who would do such a thing?

Oh no….  OH no!

A primer Prime indeed…

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TFP Inside Job

In the words of TFA!Optimus “Excellent!  Yes!”

A positively wonderful episode that’s not only action packed, but also pays off several long hanging plot and character threads that have been stewing since earlier in the season.  The animation during the sprinkler scene was a visual delight.

And that car-Vehicon sequence?  Yes, Skir.  That is how you comedy!  You finally figured it out.

Go forth and comedy more, Skir.

Jim dandy all around.

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Silas and The Sword of Damocles


In the episode The Human factor, one of the main aspects of the plot is Project Damocles, a powerful satellite that Silas/Cylas offers up in exchange for joining the Decepticons.

The most obvious reference, and most likely why Silas named the project as he did, is that the satellite acts as the sword in the tale, a reminder to the leaders of the world that they are in no way safe and must live in fear. Things become much more interesting, however, if one looks at the tale with Silas taking on the role of Damocles.

When Silas is first introduced in the show he portrayed as someone trying to obtain the most powerful technology in the world and willing to use any means necessary to do so. He doesn’t just want to just live in the world, he wants to rule it. With the discovery of the cybertronians Silas sees the chance to become King.

Both successes and failures pave the way in his quest until finally he finds himself inhabiting the body of a cybertronian himself. Perhaps more than a little unstable, he kills those who helped him get to where he is and sets out to try and join who he sees as the rulers of the world, the Decepticons.

It is here that the analogy of Silas as Damocles starts to be the clearest. Even with his new body and new name of Cylas, he is still very much at the bottom of the food chain in the Decepticon ranks. In response, he does his very best to suck up to the Transformers Prime equivalent of Dionysius - Megatron.

Initially things seem to going well. Cylas is in control, he has power and soon will be one of the rulers of the world. To him things could not be going better. The problem is that he doesn’t quite realize who he is dealing with.

Being in Megatron’s ranks means living in constant danger, and just one small slip up could lead to death. In essence, the sword. Blinded by his own hubris Cylas doesn’t recognize it hanging over his head until the very end, and unfortunately by that point

It is already too late.

Spot on.

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arcanan asked: I hope you don't mind me asking but what are your thoughts on the episode,"The Human Factor," of Transformers Prime? >.< /shuffles back into obscurity

I don’t mind at all!  I love receiving questions like this. 

Anyways, I posted my most prominent, but brief, thoughts on it last week.  To expand a little more, its another episode I really like, mostly for the actions and statements made by Knockout.  I was glad to see his friendship with Breakdown treated as something Knockout was genuinely invested in.   It wasn’t just that Knockout had lost his personal assistant/buffer buddy; Knockout found what Silas had done horrible, disgusting, and insulting to his friend’s memory; and he was going to do something about it.  The final sequence between Knockout and Silas is very satisfying.  The interactions between Silas and Megatron are great too.  I love how with just a single look, Megatron can put even the most horrid of men in their place.

My only real complaint, as I’d mentioned before, is the stiff and awkward forced comedy from Raf and Fowler.  However, again, I understand why it was there.  Heck, even my beloved Beast Wars did this!  In Bad Spark, Rampage’s introductory episode and perhaps the most straight up scary of all BW episodes, Cheetor takes some time to give us a demonstration of “farting” complete with Silverbolt being grossed out by the smell for no reason other than to add a lightness to such a horror show.

In spite of some flaws, The Human Factor is (in my personal opinion anyways) pretty darned great.

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