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Anonymous asked: So apparently, people love LOK Book 3 (and 4 so far) in comparison to the last two. What say you?

I really loved Book 3 of LoK, and the first episode of Book 4 was fantastic. Of course, I’ll have to see the whole season to make a judgement call.

However! I also thought that Book 2 was really good, though it did have a slow start and perhaps the dullest villain with Unalaq. I’d probably rate Book 3 higher overall though.

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Anonymous asked: Chances are you have already seen the story of Avatar Wan. How'd you like that one?

I enjoyed the “Beginnings” two-parter a lot

I like the alternate animation making everything look a painting

I like the “epic fable” style story-telling of a lone man who traverses the globe learning many things from strange creatures and people

I like the thematic resonance of balance and conflict, and how that all got tied into the Water Tribe war/war profiteering subplots going on in the main timeline

I like Wan’s design and character animation

In fact, just like all the designs of the spirit world creatures and the different world cultures in general

I like Vaatu and Raava, and am consistently astounded by how much character and personality both of them convey in spite of having no discernible faces or other “emote” points common in drawing non-human characters

And, as morbid as this may sound, I really love the scene where Wan weakly laments with his dying breath the impossibility of bringing peace and order to the chaos that is humanity. It was a sobering way to cap off what had up until that point been a fairly trait forward fairy-tale like story of conquering personified images of discord through sheer grit and determination. Ultimately leaving on the hook that someone who was going to bring order to humanity would need something more.

I love stuff like that…


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soundblaster asked: Umm.... Have you ever think about Transformers Prime/Legend of Korra Crossover?



Honestly, yeah. I left Transformers on a Friday, and the next Monday I was starting on Korra. And I kept thinking I should do some sort of crossover to commemorate the end of one great show and the beginning of the next. 

Nothing came to mind right away, and before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in work on Korra and the idea left me. 

But now that you mention it… If I can come up with something, I think I might still like to do it.

I think about this concept an embarrassingly large amount too…

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iam-artist asked: Nick stuff. Have you seen the TMNT 2012 season finale and Republic City Hustle?

Yes, I have seen the TMNT 2012 S1 finale and thought it was pretty good. It bridged the Shredder and Kraang plotlines well, felt appropraitely large, put the turtles through an intense challenge, and Splinter’s battle stands as some of the most emotionally charged sequences in the show thus far. I’ll admit that I’ve had some private misgivings about the second half of this first season (certain plot threads being oddly handled, character arcs feeling a little ill-developed, too many gross-out scenes for my taste), but that’s just me.

Really, the only major complaint I have in terms of the finale itself is April’s lack of direct contribution. Aside from unnsucessfully kneeing Karai in the gut, she mostly ends up being led around by her brain-washed dad, being brain-fryed herself by Kraang Prime, and then rescued by the Turtles. It seemed as though the season had been slowly building up April’s ninja training as something which would pay off during the final plot arc when she personally rescued her father (similar to Leo’s moment of being a sacrifical hero for his team). But then the turtles save April’s dad/are maniuplated into saving her dad without April’s direct assitance, she still ends up captured, and is out of her depth just as she was in the opening 2-parter. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but it is weird, at least in my opinion. Hopefully, S2 will continue to build on April’s growing skills and offer her more things to do; and I assure you that I’m really looking forward to S2.

I’ve also watched the first two webisodes of Republic City Hustle, and I’ve enjoyed them a great deal as well. They offer much needed insight into the history of Mako and Bolin, not to mention some interesting bits of extra world-building details. Honestly though, I really wish that the information/character framing conveyed through RCH had been within the main plot of LoK: Air to begin with instead. Animation is a visual medium, and there’s a big difference between Teenage!Mako telling Korra (and also me as the audience) that he and Bolin were alone since children living off the streets with no support save for Mako’s wits, versus I myself seeing a young!Mako and Bolin desparately scraping by for the basic necessitties in a city which has no sympathy for orphans. Mako’s actions from within LoK: Air get a lot more context once we acctually see him as a kid.

That’s where I stand on the two shows. Thank you for the ask.

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asleeponabench asked: After reading your review of Generator Rex, I started watching it and I'm really enjoying the show! Because of some of your other reviews, I've also gotten into TMNT 2012, Tron: Uprising, Sym-Bionic Titan and bits and pieces of the Transformers franchise! And I loved the posts about GLTAS and LoK. Keep up the great work :)

This makes me very happy to hear! Thank you very much, and thank you for checking out the above mentioned cartoons!

My biggest goal with this blog is to discuss shows, games, movies, and other pieces of media I find interesting and hopefully recommend like-minded viewers to them. It’s the goal of a determined fan! This is particularly important when it comes to shows like Tron Uprising which really needs a larger fanbase. As you might imagine, this is another major goal of mine when it comes to making music videos.

I’m glad to know that my efforts are working, and that you’re enjoying some quality cartoons. Thank you for the lovely compliment and keep up the good work yourself.

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Anonymous asked: Random crossover time! Let's say the TFP cast somehow get's dumped off in the Legend of Korra!verse, or maybe they've been there the whole time idk, how do you think various LOK characters would interact with various TFP characters and what do you think would be different given the change in setting.

I haven’t really given it much thought. Given the settings of both shows, I’d probably do something like the Cybertronians and human buddies had been in Avatar world the whole time. That way, we’d get to see cool steampunk versions of all our favorite robots. And we’d get to see Miko in cute Fire Nation clothes or something. It’s all about new outfits, man…

But again, I haven’t given this type of crossover much thought, so I really can’t help you out here.

The show I often think about doing crossovers with TFP is…


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Kato: Tron Uprising


You need to watch this show. I don’t understand why it’s not a huge deal on here . You will get an animation/design/art boner from the whole damn series. The movement and choreography of the fights is top-notch and riveting.


Our protagonist, Beck, is a vigilante renegade who tries to spark…

Reblogging for the notable voice actor

"Lance Henriksen in the form of General Tessler…"

C’mon tumblr, I know you like The Lieutenant…

Wouldn’t you like to see him actually win at something?

See? He’s happy.

(Source: katodown)

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Korra Discussion: Tenzin vs. The World





“Lin, with so much on the line…  It’d be nice if we could help each other out, at least for one night…”

“Like old times?”

“Like old times.”


Let’s analyze this exchange a little here.  It’s one of the few occasions in The Legend of Korra that anyone directly calls Lin Bei Fong on her aggressive behaviour, and yet it has a surprisingly progressive outcome.  Indeed, Lin does become much more reasonable and productive with Tenzin, strikes up a good working relationship with the Avatar, and is able to eventually fight for the protection of Pema/Tenzin’s children.  For such a brief conversation, it has some pretty powerful effects.

And then, I got to thinking…  Has Tenzin never tried this approach before with Lin?  Did he just spend all this time between the dissolving of their romance some odd years ago and this point letting their relationship remain rocky and poor?  He’s one of the council members of Republic City, but the chief of police acts as though she’d like to bury him 6 feet under, and generally makes life difficult for his family.  Yet, all he has to do is show a little openness, backbone, and humility, and she’s willing to bury the hatchet and move on?  Well, why didn’t he do so sooner?

I don’t think this is accidental.  Tenzin may be cool, have a sky bison, and be voiced by JK Simmons, but he has his flaws just like any other human being.  And Tenzin is just not very good at dealing with life’s obstacles.


So let’s discuss, shall we?

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See, I’d always put Lin’s crankiness at him down to “earthbenders are stubborn” (although the way Tenzin minced around matters didn’t exactly help). 

The idea that he might have been a wimp about the breakup—pulling a Mako, as it were—never really occurred to me; he always came off as more honorable than that.  I’d always thought it had simply been acrimonious.

I don’t think he would’ve pulled a Mako. I don’t know how the breakup happened, but I’m assuming there was some sort of discussion. Likely one that made Tenzin extremely uncomfortable, hence his reluctance to really face Lin since then. The above analysis is really solid, imo. I think it makes sense.

I just want to note that I agree with both of you.  I do not genuinely think Tenzin did to Lin the sort of stunts Mako pulled.  There was probably some level of discussion, but as you both said, it probably did not go well due to Tenzin’s difficulty in facing things head-on and Lin’s own powerful personality. This most likely uncomfortable and unproductive falling out then leading to their present day difficulties.

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My Issues With YJ!Wally West


image thealmosthero replied to your post: puertoricanjane replied to your post:…

whoa whoa mako i understand, but wally seriously how is he an ass?

Short version:

Wally is a jerk because of the same reasons as Mako, to be honest. Wally also disrespects women, has control issues, and doesn’t properly apologize for his behavior.

Long version (seriously. it’s long. ~1700 words.):

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I can’t really speak to the Mako points, but I want to reblog this for the commentary on Young Justice's Wally West.  Because it encapsulates nearly ever problem I had with the character while burning through the show's first season and what has been released of S2 thus far over the past few weeks.

It’s particularly awful when you compare how Super Boy/Miss Martian’s courtship started and ended versus Wally/Artemis’. See, for all the problems both characters had, I felt Conner and M’gann had a fairly decent, growing relationship.


They expressed mutual attraction early in the series, and got together promptly.  They had shared interests and supported each other.  They had their differences and quarrels, but they also learned from their mistakes.  They knew when to give the other space or alone time.  Both had to learn to respect one another as teammates, as individuals, and as romantic partners.  They learned how to trust one another with some of the very heavy issues they were dealing with.  They worked hard on their relationship, both were active participants, and the relationship seemed to be beneficial to both of them.


Yet, by season two, this relationship is the one that has ended.  Meanwhile, Wally and Artemis are a thriving, sex-having, couple.


That’s….  nice.

The only thing I’d add is that it bugged me that Wally lacked a strong goal to pursue and a personal tragedy to overcome as the other central heroes had.  Wally lives in a big, comfortable house with two great parents, and an extended loving family, all of whom dote on him.  He has a good relationship with the adult Flash, and can live as an ordinary human easily…  Yet I, as the viewer, am expected to see him as a character with the same narrative weight and sympathy as tragic, in-human characters like Super Boy, Aqua Lad, Red Tornado, and Miss Martian.

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I used to be really afraid of the moon, because of—y’know—what Dad’s made us do and all. 

But then Noatak told me something that made me feel alot better! He said…

It wasn’t so scary after that! So yeah, it’d be fun to visit. 


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