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"…Star Trek's writers understood that a character that could do anything he wanted by snapping his fingers had to be handled with care or he would screw up the entire show. That's why Q episodes were generally self-contained side stories. It's Star Trek: The Next Generation, not Q: The Next Generation….


or The Fresh Q of Bel Air…


or Q and a Half Men


or Lost, but with Q…


or Keeping up with the Q-dashians


Or… To save time, here’s a list of all my high concept show reboot ideas starring Q. If you’re a TV producer and you’re watching this, I’m willing to do script treatments for any or all of these ideas.”


(MrBtongue on properly writing over-powered characters and what’s really wrong with the Mass Effect 3 ending)

Seriously, go check this guy out… I’ve been watching his videos non-stop and I’m utterly enthralled.

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So, I beat the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3. It was swell. Aria was badass, the environments were neat, and Sumalee Montano Arcee makes for a great Turian.

Now I’m moving ontoRatchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. I just played the first hour a while ago, and this crazy chap shows up…

Holy shit, I love him. This Dr. Nefarious guy is a damned treat to watch!

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obfuscobble replied to your post: krakenbell replied to your post: TFP “Hard…

i now must ship you and dreadmoth officially

I have many responses to this statement prepared.

  1. I’d like to test my reach and his flexibility
  2. Once you go moth, you never go back
  3. I wanna translate into Cybertronian
  4. I’d like to join the mile high club
  5. Let’s see him set off a different kind of explosion

And…  that’s all I got….

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rynskikinz answered your question: Question to the Korra Fans: About Tenzin, Lin, and Pema…

I know this isn’t an answer but,it’s so nice to see other Jinora fans in this fandom. Do you ship Jinoochy???

Well thank you, I love Jinora, she’s great.  In fact…  I love all of Tenzin’s kids, and Pema too of course.  They’ve got some very fun and unique personalities, and their dynamic both with one another and Korra is a treat to watch.

Do you ship Jinoochy???

Yes, but not exactly heavily.  It seems a charming and logical enough ship given the state of the ‘verse and what we know of the characters.  Of course, I ship Kolyat/Oriana from Mass Effect, so I suppose I am predisposed to such shipping.  I like Skoochy too, he’s a darling.

Darling powers, too the max!

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