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Oh? What sort of song did you want to have playing during Megatron’s death?

Something weird. So, how it went is, I started googling death scenes in movies, cuz I really wanted to get into it. And in my searches I came across this song from Riz Ortolani, the Opening theme to Cannibal Holocaust. And it was just really odd and serene and pop-y with the synth base. It’s not exactly what I’d have used, but… it was intriguing to me. 

Also, while on the subject, one of the best death scenes I’d seen was from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s nothing like the Megatron scene, but what I liked was the complexity of it all and the mixed emotions. Remember, I storyboarded a death scene that was WAY too long.

Confession: I like to imagine Cohen’s “Hallelujah” playing during Megatron’s death scene. There’s the inherent irony in the title, and you can sync up “the minor fall” with Meg’s plummet down to earth, and “the major lift” with BB pulling Optimus back on the ship. And, though it’s a ways into the episode “the baffled king composing” when Predaking wakes up to see the sunrise over Cybertron.

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You know…

What if Megatron shows up in Transformers: RiD as a sort of lone wanderer/sixth ranger type character occasionally helping BB’s team from the sidelines as a means of settling-his-past type of deal? And he could wear a tarp cowl similar to DOTM!Megatron, thus simplifying his design and better fitting in with the new animation and style.

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So, on the Transformers Animated commentary tracks, it’s noted that Megatron never saw himself as a villain or doing evil, he was just trying to re-take Cybertron. On the one hand, I’m really happy that the production staff had this thought-process in mind writing Megatron. But on the other hand, it makes his ultimate defeat of going to super-robot-jail with little to no discussion/pay-off regarding his motives/personal justifications all the more hollow and upsetting

It’s fine but it’s not fine…

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I just want IDW!Megatron to pick me up and let me live on his head…



TFA Megatron used to be by favourite Megatron until IDW/Megs Origin/JRo Megs (now MTMTE Megatron) 

MTMTE Megs having TFA Meg’s voice

I was just thinking about the same thing. I could very easily hear Corey Burton doing MTMTE!Megatron’s voice, maybe take out the metallic twang that TFA voices had layered over them though. 

However, I could also hear a David Kaye!Megatron voice, maybe minus some of the theatrics. But, like, MTMTE!Megatron would have David Kaye’s TFA!Optimus Prime voice for the flashback periods when he was younger as a miner and revolutionist… and then when he waxes nostalgic about the war or feels conflicted due his actions, he starts to slip back into his “original” voice.

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I really enjoyed the Ratchet and Megatron interactions in Persuasion, and this scene is the one that really brings it home. Ratchet isn’t afraid of Megatron, and he doesn’t have any false expectations of him. Normally Megatron’s speeches are full of implied threats, every action measured to make himself as threatening as possible. Here, he is being honest. He doesn’t need to imply the terrible things he’s planning to do to Ratchet, Cybertron or Earth, Ratchet is already fully aware of them and calling him out. Megatron does not need to convince Ratchet to finish his formula. No, this scene is about Ratchet confirming all of the horrors that he knows his work will bring. He knows Megatron will cyberform Earth, knows he will go on to use the limitless fuel to wage an even fiercer war against the Autobots, even knows that Megatron will kill him as soon as he becomes useless. But he’s going to do it anyway, because deep down, some little part of him is convinced that if they can get Cybertron back, it’d all be worth it.

Because the truth is that Ratchet wants to go home, oh so badly. Back in the cell, Megatron offered Ratchet a choice; come willingly, or we will force you. But that was just for show. At that moment, both of them KNEW that Rathet would complete his research. Even if they couldn’t capture the children again, there are plenty of other things to threaten him with. Hell, threatening to destroy a human town or city would have been enough to coerce him, whether he felt that trading a limitless supply of energy to the Decepticons was worth the human lives or not -and that’s where the tension stems from. 

Ratchet is incredibly loyal to Optimus. He’s been his friend and ally since before the war even began, and the two have stuck together ever since. Megatron repeatedly draws attention to Ratchet’s ties to Optimus ‘he’s Optimus Prime’s medic’, ‘Optimus’ lapdog’, ‘I see you’ve brought your trusty watchdog’. Ratchet wouldn’t- couldn’t, abandon Optimus, even though he’s unhappy with Optimus’ actions and priorities in the war. All of Ratchet’s problems with Optimus came out explosively in Faster, Stronger, and as the writer and director of the episode confirmed, as harsh as Ratchet’s words were, there was truth in them. Ratchet cares about Optimus more than anyone else, but after so many years following orders he doesn’t agree with, resentment has festered within him. If Optimus was present, Ratchet would never agree to help. But here, trapped within the enemy warship, under duress, well, it didn’t really matter if he went willingly or not did it? No one would ever know that he was willingly damning two planets to Decepticon rule; that for once he was putting the survival of Cybertron above that of humans. 

Certainly the impression that Optimus gives off is that alien lives are more important than Cybertronian ones [an analysis of which could be an entire essay in and of itself]. We never get to see Ratchet finding out about exactly what happened on Cybertron at the site of the Omega Lock, but I doubt he would have agreed that saving the children was the right move. Ratchet is not heartless, but he is pragmatic. If he had to trade three lives for a chance to revive Cybertron, he would have done it. Not without regret, but I think that Ratchet realises what callousness he possesses, and would decide that the end justified the means. The biggest issue would not be the decision itself, it would be having to face the others- especially Optimus. 

Persuasion is not about Megatron convincing Ratchet to finish his work, it’s about Ratchet’s battle between his morals and his desires, and the choice he makes which goes completely against Optimus’ and the Autobots code of ethics.

All that changes when the synth-en formula is completed. Suddenly Ratchet is no longer just wishing that he could go home, but holding the key, and the weight of billions of human lives in his hands. The dark part of himself that had been tempted to complete the formula is now faced with the results of his actions. He may resent humanity (and the children in particular) for costing them their chance to revive their home, but at the moment of truth he could not see another planet destroyed. So he bolts; there is no more time to wait for a rescue party and no more chances to delay the research. When Megatron throws him to Predaking he’s resigned to death, he knew it was coming and feels it’s a suitable price to pay for such betrayal. Certainly if he had a chance to finish his research before being rescued Ratchet would not be able to face Optimus and the others, knowing what he had done. Ratchet is already laden heavy with guilt, but after he nearly costs humanity their home he decides to stay on Earth, as penance. 

I don’t doubt that Ratchet will eventually return to Cybertron permanently, but at the end of the series I don’t think he feels like he deserves it. Returning home was supposed to be a reward after the war, a cause of celebration. For Ratchet, it is now a reminder of his own selfishness. I think that Ratchet’s plan would be to return home once the construction was well underway and a new Cybertron was being forged from the ashes of the war by the younger generation, rather than being rebuilt into the broken framework that had betrayed them the first time. After Predacons Rising however? I’m not sure what he’d do. 

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So, it’s been held pretty consistently throughout the series that Megatron and Optimus understand the way each other thinks. They’ve been both close enough as friends and enemies long enough at least to predict their individual thoughts and actions (it’s factoring in the rest of the armies they sometimes have trouble with).

And I think it’s also fairly safe to say Megatron knows a thing or two about the containment methods available for the Allspark.

Therefore, in this moment, before Megatron officially dropped all association with the Decepticon cause and resolved to no longer be a tool of oppression… did he know what Optimus had done with the Allspark and thereby what Optimus would soon have to do? Did he know what the ultimate fate of the former librarian would be, and perhaps, did that help inform Megatron’s decision?

Maybe. Something to think about anyways…

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Anonymous asked: I felt that Megatron's change a leg on his own delusions of power seeming broken. From Season1 we saw that he considered himself worthy of being Unicron's avatar and when Unicron said no he found a way to get rebel against him. But in here we have Unicron using him while completely denying him and torturing him and not only does Unicron remind him over and over that he is nothing he also deems their shared body a weak and unworthy form. Megatron even tried to argue that his body was good enough.

True, that’s a good point.

See, my issue with Megatron’s sudden wiliness to stop fighting comes from just how bombastically evil his character was set up to be in the show. This was a man who shot children, murdered loyal followers, and watched non-pulsed as his armies died for his own ego. Any attempt to keep him down only served to further his lust for further combat and gore. But in Predacon Rising, after a few days under Unicron’s total control and abuse, only then does Megatron fully understand just how awful true subjugation is and wants to stop? It’s not completely out of nowhere, but it’s still a rapid character turnaround for someone who had previously responded to violence against his person with equal or greater force.

I mean, you could argue that Megatron is no longer violently insane after being murdered by Bumblebee and the Star Saber (like, maybe the Star Saber healed his madness somehow?). Or that being denied a peaceful death by Unicron and the continued torture was sufficient to make Megatron reconsider his entire life’s decisions… but I dunno. Compare Knockout’s choice to join the Autobots based on survival and continued access to earth. Yes, Knockout’s faction swap was also done quickly, but Knockout was always set up as someone who put his personal pleasure over any larger ideals of the Decepticon cause. So while one can argue about whether or not Knockout truly deserves to live happily-ever-after on Cybertron with the rest of the Autobots given his repeated attempts on human/Autobot life while Dreadwing and Skyquake just got rewarded with more death, I personally feel all the decisions Knockout made were at least believably in character.

Like I said before, Predacon Rising is great, Transformers Prime is great (and Rescue Bots is great too). I love the series and I love this ending film. Small misgivings or little hiccups don’t really cause major problems with the overall series for me.

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