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Already posted to dA, but why not post it here and spam twitter as well with it? I’M GUNNA WRECKERS! IunnoSuggested by a friend; drawn to be like one of the Wreck-It Ralph posters that you see around. It’s pretty much that. Poses and all. Minus the Bulkhead and the Miko and all that wot wot. Future con print.

Are you a bad enough ‘Bot to save the president?


Already posted to dA, but why not post it here and spam twitter as well with it?

Suggested by a friend; drawn to be like one of the Wreck-It Ralph posters that you see around. It’s pretty much that. Poses and all. Minus the Bulkhead and the Miko and all that wot wot.
Future con print.

Are you a bad enough ‘Bot to save the president?

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Leaving humans in jars.




T=(49.5x.03)/(1x1.7)= 1.485/1.7=0.87  So they would have asphyxiated in just under an hour.

You still have to factor in the hyperventilation (or at least increased speed of breathing) that being kidnapped and shoved in a capsule by a Decepticon would most likely produce.  Plus all the ranting and screaming that Miko definitely would have done, and the increased need of oxygen that the body would need from frivolously struggling to get out of the capsule. And the air quality at the time of capture.  That’s why I was hesitant to spend time on these calculations- I was going to do them next week after finals are over.

But yeah, you basically made the point.

Of course, logicing at TFP at this point is useless, for a number of reasons that I don’t have the time or brain capacity to type out right now…

I also should have done the calculations with the jar area as a cylinder, and yeah Hyperventilation will definitely cut down the oxygen, especially for someone like Miko.  Again giving Raf more time since he’d probably try to sit calm as he could, poor little guy.  I’d love to see your calculations though.  Mine were pretty quick and off the cuff.

As to just the physical logic of TFP, doing my equally slapdash calculation about the air left in the rock bottom cave was already fraught by the whole “What size are they any way?” question which will never be answered.  Not to mention the fact that the cave itself wasn’t completely cut off from additional air which could have gotten in through cracks in both the recently fallen rocks, and possibly also smaller cracks between caves and hallways in the mine.  (Also, I love how the disappearing trailer on Optimus has now become the disappearing claymore.)

draqua replied to your post:

Of course, the jars themselves could have had oxygen suppliers built in to the top… but this seems unlikely…. Also, reading “Raf would have died last” was painful for me to read… I can’t handle watching these kids suffer…

I feel you, Draqua!  Poor Raf.  He’s rather wormed his way into the cockles of my heart.  Let’s look on the bright side though : maybe Raf and Bumblebee will get a standalone episode next season, cementing their friendship under trying circumstances and allowing Raf’s communications genius to shine through again.  That would be really cute.

Indeed, I feel that Raf should get the chance to stretch his legs more and overcome big stakes odds out in the wild, wide world with his good buddy BB.

When Megatron threatens the children with death by toxic atmosphere in Darkest Hour, Miko and Jack are more than willing to lay down their life for the sake of the Autobots (and Draqua gives them both a tearful thumbs-up for their dedication)…  but Raf is fearful and hesitant.

But this makes sense considering what Jack and Miko have been through up to this point as compared to Raf.  In season 2 particularly, Miss. M and Mr. J have been far more involved with field work and applied contributions to the war efforts.  Jack goes to Cybertron to charge up the Key to Vector Sigma for Optimus, using Scraplets to kill an Insecticon along the way.  Miko and Jack then both journey to New York, recruiting a new human buddy and having whizz-bang chases on railcars. 

Miko and Wheeljack grab their axes, raincoats, start playing “Hip to be Square” and murder Hardshell.  Then, Miko devotes nearly all of her time and energy to helping Bulhead recuperate, even when the process is emotionally draining for both of them.  The older kids have become more involved and have also seen very scary, very real consequences of the war.  While Optimus would probably not agree, they are have become soldiers on the front lines as best they can.  They are invested in the cause and ready to die for it if need be.

Raf, meanwhile, has been able to remain safely cloistered inside the base.  His major contributions to the war effort this season have been programming a virus for Laserbeak and knocking the Damocles satellite out of the sky.  Both very important tasks that only he could do, true, but largely done from the safety and comfort of in front of his computer.

It’s also noteworthy that, out of the three children, Raf has come the closest to actually dying at the hands of a Decepticon…  But not because he was attempting to engage in applied warfare or reconnaissance as Jack and Miko sometimes do..

…  He and Bumblebee just wanted to play race car…

Raf doesn’t seek out trouble, conflict, or violence.  Yet it finds him anyways.  He wants to work and deal with the world at a distance; through a screen.  He’s not ready to go out into the field, make the hard decisions, and lay down his life; yet it still comes up. 

And now, with no base to hide in with Rachet, Jasper evacuated and Megatron presiding over the town from his fortress of death…  Raf has no where to hide…

Time to shut the laptop, kid, here comes the real world….

However!  This whole “scatter the team” ploy could provide an excellent opportunity for Raf to run across another silent warrior and his translator pal…

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I’d hoped to lose a little more weight for the shoot, but what can ya do?  I’m a 29 year old lady cosplaying a teenager.  XD  Meh, it’s fun!

Yes, yes, I know it’s not accurate to the character, but I didn’t feel like investing too much time as the biggest con of the year for me is this week.

Photos done by Fanboy Photos! =3

No!  Not mah poor Screamy!  Not mah baby!  XD  (I kinda hope my husband doesn’t see this post, lest he tease me to no end!) X3

OMG you are such a cutie!! safsafs

Ah! It’s perfect!

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Transformers Prime Discussion: Out of the Past and the Action Movie Genre

Something I found interesting about Out of the Past was how Arcee’s extended flashback on Cybertron fell so nicely into the plot patterns and character tropes common to the late 70’s to early 90’s action/adventure movies.  It’s interesting to note as well that another major Arcee/flashback-heavy episode, Predatory, intentionally employed story-telling techniques common to the realm of horror films in order to spin its plot.  That being said, while the action on Cybertron may be something straight out of a Shane Black script, the sequences in the present with Team Prime do not fit so nicely into the trappings of kisskiss-bangbang action fun.  What do I mean by all this?  Well…

The story proper introduces us to Arcee as a tough-as-nails action hero with a major chip on her shoulder engaged in ongoing adventure and combat against a larger oppressive force and a general hostile world.  In short order, she is introduced by means of forced interaction via captivity to a talkative foil intending to serve as her conversation partner, comic relief, and potential love interest* throughout the remainder of the plot.  Though Indiana Jones Arcee finds Willie Scott Cliffjumper initially annoying and off-putting, they nevertheless must work together and learn mutual respect in order to tackle the threats laid against them.

Read more …

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“I will terminate you the next time we meet.”

“So be it, Dreadwing…”

Optimus just looks and sounds so pained during this exchange.

I mean, think about it.  Optimus always attempts diplomacy first: with Skyquake, Megatron, Starscream, and even Unicron!  We can also safely presume he’s been attempting this since the war began, thousands of years ago and up until the beginning of the series.  And it never works.  Every single time Optimus extends the hand of peace, it nearly gets cut off, or someone’s just looking for a good place to stick a knife.  Optimus is always placed against others, he can’t die and let his Autobot family fall prey to the Decepticons or a hostile planet.  He has to survive…  but constantly at the cost of those he might have called allies or even friends.

And then finally, finally, Optimus finds someone who stops and listens; even if its just for a moment.  He meets a Decepticon that will disarm the bomb, that will put reason before violence, that will shoulder his gun rather than take the easy kill…

But the man still insists that he will fight Optimus to the death when next they meet.  Optimus comes the closest he’s ever been to finally having something to show for his rhetoric of offering peace before war, and it still flies away from him…

Oh, good. And now I feel slightly ill.

It’s pretty much true, though.

For added sadness, consider this:

In the first act of Triangulation, Optimus instructs Ratchet to partner up with Wheeljack to hunt for the next relic; a concept Ratchet is highly adverse to.  Optimus’ statement of "You would be wise to welcome the temporary alliance…" has a direct implication within this episode, hinting at the upcoming events between both himself and Dreadwing (and Starscream but only to an extent).  But it also foreshadows the plot of the upcoming Triage and the subsequent bonding of Ratchet and Wheeljack.

In fact, all the “T” episodes contain a similar unifying theme of forging new friendships.  In Tunnel Vision, Jack and Miko meet Vogel and induct him somewhat into their ranks.  In Triage, Ratchet and Wheeljack become friends in-spite of contrasting personalities.  And in Toxicity, Bulkhead and Fowler bond as army buddies.  Note also that in the Darkness Rising 5 parter, Bulkhead was initially highly dismissive of Fowler, voting to leave him as a Decepticon prisoner and certain death.

Basically, everyone else gains a new and important bond with someone else in these episodes…  Except Optimus, who has to settle for merely coming very close.

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Transformers Prime Discussion: Creative Foreshadowing

Something I’ve noticed in Transformers Prime, particularly season 2, is the interesting ways they’ve incorporated visual foreshadowing into the first acts of their episodes rather than the usual verbal.  Let me explain with examples.

Okay, first off we have Dreadwing in Crossfire.  He picks a gun up off his weapon’s table and turns the safety off as though he were going to fire it.  Megatron then calls Dreadwing and orders him to kill Airachnid. 

Its a neat little action that hints at Dreadwing’s role in the episode without necessarily saying “Dreadwing and Breakdown will be trying to shoot someone in the back today”.

On this week’s episode of Transformers Prime…  Murder: rated TVY7.

Another example…  In Nemesis Prime, Jack, Miko, and Raf are shown playing with remote controlled race cars in the Autobot base while their robo-friends cheer them on.

And at the end of the episode, Nemesis Prime himself is ultimately revealed to be a giant remote controlled truck/robot toy, with Silas at the wheel.

Vroom vroom, motherfuckers.

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