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That “18+” guy is hot stuff

I was more focused on the complete blatant exclusion of girls even in the collectors category 

Real Talk: I am also disappointed by complete gender split between boys toys and girls toys. Not that I expect revolutions from investor events, but still it’s depressing.

But what really grinds my gears is how Hasbro isn’t showing the same type of “multi-generational consumer” planning towards its girls toys. Hasbro’s ready to shill Transformers toys to men well into their thirties, but has no visible plans to capitalize on the female market once the teen years hit and that’s a damned shame. True, cause and effect issues are at play; women in general have less disposable income than men, geeky interests aren’t as socially acceptable for women, female oriented brands tend not to have elements which readily appeal to older audiences, etc. But still, discussing why these problems exist is super important.

Now, one might question the good sense of better equipping a multinational entertainment company to access adult womens’ hard-earned dollars. To which I say: nyeh.

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iam-artist asked: What is it with MLP and high school settings recently? First Equestria Girls, and now the upcoming Shining Armor/Princess Cadance issues

This is just my speculation, but I’m thinking Hasbro is concerned that their target demographic of young girls is starting to age up and might be thinking about high school (or may already be entering high school). As a result, they’re focusing some stories on that setting to hold interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if in season 5 of MLP: FiM, the Cutie Mark Crusaders moved out of Cheerilee’s one-room school house and into a larger education establishment, even if it was just for one or two episodes.

Also, just as a general note, high school’s are very popular setting for girl’s and boy’s shows alike since they provide a convenient opportunity to get lots of characters together in a set location with lots of school related story concepts to mine (dating trouble, school dances, class work issues, the fear of growing up, etc.). Most of the other popular toylines from Hasbro’s competitors are set in high-schools as well. It’s a recurring trend in kid’s toys, basically.

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Slippin’ a horseshoe: Extended nitpicking on Equestira Girl


So, with the theatrical and home media releases of Equestria Girls having come and gone, I’d like to weigh in my thoughts about some of the odd narrative choices made in the film. These include topics of unfortunately missed opportunities for character growth or thematic intrigue, Sunset Shimmer as a foil to Twilight Sparkle, and an overview of where the film sits in terms of MLP’s existence as a brand in comparison to like-competitors such as Monster High and non-like peers such as Transformers.

Let me take this time to say that I did enjoy watching Equestria Girls and actually found it to be a very charming affair with great voice acting, as usual, some clever sight gags, and a solid enough take on the whole “human alternate universe” plotline. Still, the areas where missteps occur are notable and preventable enough that I feel a need to discuss them. I stress firmly that this is merely my personal breakdown of some of the narrative problems I had with Equestria Girls, it is not meant to be a slight on the film’s objective quality/entertainment value, nor a dig at its fans and appreciative viewers whatsoever.

Be advised that this is a critical, perhaps borderline caustic, essay so I will be placing it behind a “Read More”. As you may already expect, this comes with a hefty spoiler warning as well

Read more …

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Very interesting stuff, brought up a lot of points I’d never even considered before.

As a personal aside, I’m not really a fan of “Dog and Pony Show” (mostly due to the Diamond Dog’s touching, yelling at, and hitting of Rarity when she doesn’t seem able to quickly make them stop), but this video still did give me a lot of food for thought.

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