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If you’re like me with no life and dedicate an obsessive amount of time to watching (and listening to) children’s cartoons, you may have noticed that Rescue Bots has really pumped up the general background music in season 2. This is because S2 ushered in Australian composer and sound designer Christopher Elves, known for his work on The Silent Epidemic, K9… and Sheezow.

Incidentally, Starr Parodi and Jeff Eden Fair (a husband and wife team) retain credit for the opening theme and handled in music in S1. Their resume includes GI Joe Renegades and Conversations with Other Women.

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Frozen's Elsa vs. Miley Cyrus
Let It Go vs. The Climb


Let It Go vs. The Climb - Frozen & Miley Cyrus Mashup

people are going to like this or hate this hahaha sorry

Whoa! This works really well…

It’s sorta like, this is the type of song Elsa would sing at the end of the movie to affirm to herself that even though life has hardships and struggles, she can climb through them

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Another sweet track I’ve been jamming to recently

Alex S, known pretty well in the MLP music circuit, has remixed “Cool Daddy Cool” from the Osmosis Jones soundtrack. This piece is notable as it was performed by Kid Rock and the late Joe C. Both Kid and Joe appear in the feature film, animated as cellular organisms. Given that Osmosis Jones was released shortly after Joe’s death, there were talks of editing the characters out of the picture. But Kid Rock insisted they both be allowed to remain, in memory of his partner.

To any rate….

Daddy likes to disco

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I forgot about this! I love it :D



Just love

I just had to reblog this magic musical thing. Click the squares and prepare your eardrums.

Oh my god I’m never going to bored again

Holy Christ, its back!

forever reblog

reblogging because i love this thing

What I want to know is why no one is sharing their songs.

DISCLAIMER: I am horrible at music

They have this thing in Tron: Uprising.  Paige uses it in E6 “Isolated” to make music…

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So when I met Mr. Keaton at SDCC, I had to ask what band he had been in previously that he had mentioned on Tumblr when talking about “signing at the singing”. He was gracious enough to tell me, and I had to look up the boy band from my high school years that contained the future voice of Hal Jordan.

No Authority was formed as a male vocal quartet in the early ’90s in Southern California, consisting of lead singer Ric Felix (aka Ricky Godinez and later billed as Ricky G); lead singer Josh Keaton; singer/rapper Danny Zavatsky; and singer Eric Stretch. After they had been performing locally for a few years, their manager, Richard Walters of Smash Music, managed to get their demo tape to Jerry Greenberg and Jono Kohan of MJJ Music, Michael Jackson’s custom record label at Sony Music. Greenberg and Kohan passed it on to Jackson who signed No Authority, and their debut single, “Don’t Stop,” was issued in October 1997, followed by the album Keep On in November. The recordings flopped, and No Authority regrouped. Keaton parted company with them and was replaced by Tommy McCarthy. They left Sony and went to Maverick, Madonna’s custom label at Warner Bros., issuing their second album, No Authority, in July of 2000. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Color me amused.

So… when do we get a GLTAS musical episode? ;) Or at least an AMV set to No Authority?

An AMV?  Well… 

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Another older AMV of a very different flavor than my usual endeavors.

Let the Waves Take Me Down

Video: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Audio: Blue October “Into the Ocean”

I figure everyone’s entitled to make at least one or two shameless shipping videos in their lifetime.  And what’s life without a little CountxAlbert character study?

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Well, hey; look at that: Arcee feels!

…and now I’m sad.

In under two minutes, Transformers Prime does what Beast Machines failed to do in 26 episodes: make me emotionally invested in a desolate Cybertron and instill the desire to see it and its populous restored.

Lonely robot in a wasteland…

(Source: true-fan-transformers, via queerlocus)

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My new tribute video to MLP: FiM S2, using footage from every episode of the season.

Like “The Cutie Mark That I Get”, I wanted to capture the general theme of the season, which I noted focused a great deal on different types of love, re-establishing friendships or romantic relationships, and overcoming self imposed limitations to make the most of these relationships; hence the repeated usage of the heart symbol within this video.
To any rate, I hope you enjoy it.

Video: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2
Song: Wild Young Hearts
Artist: Noisettes

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