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Slippin’ a horseshoe: Extended nitpicking on Equestira Girl


So, with the theatrical and home media releases of Equestria Girls having come and gone, I’d like to weigh in my thoughts about some of the odd narrative choices made in the film. These include topics of unfortunately missed opportunities for character growth or thematic intrigue, Sunset Shimmer as a foil to Twilight Sparkle, and an overview of where the film sits in terms of MLP’s existence as a brand in comparison to like-competitors such as Monster High and non-like peers such as Transformers.

Let me take this time to say that I did enjoy watching Equestria Girls and actually found it to be a very charming affair with great voice acting, as usual, some clever sight gags, and a solid enough take on the whole “human alternate universe” plotline. Still, the areas where missteps occur are notable and preventable enough that I feel a need to discuss them. I stress firmly that this is merely my personal breakdown of some of the narrative problems I had with Equestria Girls, it is not meant to be a slight on the film’s objective quality/entertainment value, nor a dig at its fans and appreciative viewers whatsoever.

Be advised that this is a critical, perhaps borderline caustic, essay so I will be placing it behind a “Read More”. As you may already expect, this comes with a hefty spoiler warning as well

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Very interesting stuff, brought up a lot of points I’d never even considered before.

As a personal aside, I’m not really a fan of “Dog and Pony Show” (mostly due to the Diamond Dog’s touching, yelling at, and hitting of Rarity when she doesn’t seem able to quickly make them stop), but this video still did give me a lot of food for thought.

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Anonymous asked: So i'm a girl, and I was never into My little pony back then.. But my boyfriend, who's 23 btw, seems to be a huge fan.. I have no probs with that, it's just that I don't get it! I've seen a few episodes with him, and I don't see what it's about let alone what the whole "Broney" buzz is about. Enlighten me please? - A very confused girlfriend

Well… In all honesty I’m probably not the best person to ask about this. I’m no expert on Bronies, I am simply a young woman who enjoys children’s cartoons and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic happens to be one of them.

I do think it is a well made show with funny writing, bright colors, and endearing characters which help give it appeal to multiple audiences. I think it satisfies a lot of audience “wants” that haven’t been delivered all in one package until now.

But, again, I’m not the best person to ask about this. I might recommend you to these videos for a perspective on this show’s general appeal to men. There are also several articles written on the just what makes this show engaging, many of which can be read at The Round Stables Editorial.

To any rate, sorry I can’t give you a more through answer. It’s a good show, it’s a cute show. It’s a show about small colorful horses and their fun, engaging lives. It’s a show about… Buying the playsets and toys. But it’s about a little more, and I think that’s what counts.

Mostly, I’m in it for the cool remixes of the music

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MLP: Fim S3E7 “Wonderbolt Academy”

Let’s break down this little sequence here, shall we?

Rainbow Dash comes into Spitfire’s office while said drill sergent is occupied with paperwork. More specifically, Spitfire is signing autographs. Note to cold, methodical, almost mechanical way she stomps her hoof down on each sheet one by one and squares them off. It’s an act devoid of passion, specialty, or investment. She’s just beating ink into paper; merely a required and quantified part of her day. On the one level, it’s an effective visual and audio tool to establish tension in the scene. Spitfire is hard at work, at first not giving her full attention to Rainbow Dash. The rhythmic “clop clop” sound of her hoof brings to mind machines or axes working away. Rainbow Dash feels as though she has put herself on the figurative chopping block by confronting Spitfire. And, that by becoming a Wing-Pony, she’s just another cog in the machine.

But I think there’s even more happening here…

Now, we know from the well established canon up to this point that the Wonderbolts hold a level of prestige and reverence in Equestria. Functioning as both a skilled flying demonstration squadron and a line of military defense in the occasion of extreme emergencies; they are very visible celebrities. From the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rainbow Dash made her idolization of them abundantly clear. And we also know that their are thousands of other colts and fillies who hold equal if not greater love for the Wonderbolts.


The autographs Spitfire is signing will probably be delivered, sold, or given as gifts to these devoted young fans. Yet they’re produced in such a heartless, assembly line fashion, that the effect is rather jarring.

This all ties into Wonderbolts Academy's theme of dealing with disillusionment and sticking to your principles in spite of it. Rainbow Dash is presented with a golden ticket in this episode to take a big step closer to her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. Once she gets to the Academy however, she becomes disturbed by what is seen as commendable behavior. Cracks begin to form in the ivory tower she built up around the Wonderbolts. Like the processed, banal manner Spitfire churns out autographs, Rainbow feels something is fundamentally off in the manner the Academy conducts itself. Both structures lack a level of respect, and a disregard for people in favor of end results.

I think it’s also important to clarify that Rainbow Dash was not disappointed just because she didn’t get what she wanted, but rather in he ethical code presented by the Academy. Rainbow was eventually okay with being a Wing-Pony. She accepted a role of less authority and visibility due to instruction and showed maturity in doing so. What Rainbow Dash was not okay with was compromising her principles just to get win-out. If the Wonderbolts were not aligned with her personal morals, she wanted no part in their group, regardless of her life dream.

Like Spitfire did with the autographs, Rainbow Dash firmly clops her own hoof down on the Wonderbolts pin.



"I quit."

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A good post about King Sombra that I came across in my tag grinding.

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

As a side note, going out to everyone, if I ever answer an Ask on anything in a way you find interesting and you’d like to share it: ask me to make it rebloggable right away, don’t be shy. Unless it’s a highly personal subject, I will make my ask responses re-bloggable ASAP if interest is expressed. I promise.

After-all, sharing is caring.

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