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gentlenina replied to your post: Hey everyone! So, a close and much bel…

Omg so cute!

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Cute icon!

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Gosh it looks cute and awesome! gemma did a great job!

Thank you all so much! Yes, Gemma is the best! I’m gonna try to get her to start a more robust artblog either here or back on devianart so she can get more love.

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This series developed Sunstorm’s character… pretty much for the first time. Also got very close to continuing Starscream Skyfire shipping. heartbreakingly close.

renegadeautobotmischief replied to your post: anonymous asked:Did you ever read…

I actually highly recommend it (the War Within series, at least).

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll check both these out then.  Thank-you!

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Alright, big announcement time!

My time spent on tumblr and youtube these past 3 years observing the pop culture editorial scene has made me realize that I’ve got a serious passion for talking about kid’s cartoons. So, I’ve launched a new webseries called Double Layer aimed at offering reviews and editorial on children’s media and other entertainment related topics. Obviously, this project is just getting off the ground, so there’s likely going to be a steep learning curve and a lot of changes occurring video-to-video as I find a working flow. But, you’ll never learn until you start putting stuff out there.

For the first official episode of Double Layer, we examine the upcoming Transformers Age of Extinction and the Protagonist based on an expanded version of this post here.


Draqua is starting a new series of video editorials, and they are not only entertaining but scholarly to the max.  She starts out strong by explaining the power of advertising and demographic shift in TF4, providing further reading and research for the audience alongside her expertly worded analysis and entertaining on-screen asides.  I recommend watching the video twice, or occasionally rewinding, to take in all of the information and fully internalise all the little details that might pass by too quick for your conscious mind… but your brain saw it.

I’m talking to Draqua now.  All the rest of y’all scurry off and watch the video and subscribe to her youtube. 

Okay Draqua, just a few concerns.  First, the video portion of this may be framed too small, since it wasn’t always easy to make out what was onscreen, though I understand the template may have you locked in there.  The choice of clip from Armada didn’t make the children immediately, erm, recognisable, though that’s Armada’s fault ; and I would’ve just shown Alexis and Starscream but that’s because of my bias so ignore that.  I sort of felt that the video was a bit short since it didn’t fully explore the power of demographic in the Transformers brand.  Although TF and Demographics is an entire video SERIES in itself so I guess it really couldn’t be covered here in any more detail than what was presented.  The relation between Hasbro, TF, and the boy-olderboy-man demographic switch is a very interesting and complex one, along with TF’s relation to its female fanbase.  As well, it would have been interesting to more thoroughly explore the current trend in media toward presenting father figures which you briefly brought up and provided examples for, since it speaks to both the change in the characters presented for the audience to identify with as well as an interesting revelation of new fears concerning manhood and the place of women.  Though that could be reserved for a future video, and I understand not delving too deeply.  Definitely begs for a followup vid after the movie comes out.  (please don’t think I’m criticising ; I’m just trying to give honest feedback and promote discussion)

On the positive side, I had honestly never thought about how juvenile Sam was as being intentional before, and that makes complete sense!  It was a revealing segment in the video and I am so so so thankful that you included it and spent time explaining it (including the notebook tidbit about the same juvenile behaviour from his parents being added due to the lack of a child’s ability to imagine being a parent) since it finally made sense with the film series’ ostensible attempts to remain appealing to a juvenile demographic!  Like, so much makes sense now.

And srs thank you for the links to more info.  It makes the series smarter.

When I saw the video was going to be about TF4, I expected a sort of TF brand/movie summary, and instead I got a brief but educated look at Advertising.  And frankly I like what I got much better than what I expected.  No brief “here’s what’s happening” review this, no!  Much greater things await us in Double Layer!  I am really really really looking forward to future videos!  This is so cool!

First off, let me just say thank-you very much for promoting my video like this and for the advice/comments. I want to make sure I’m constantly improving and making this series as fun, informative, and easily watchable as possible; concrit is always appreciated.

  • I absolutely agree that the tablet screen and notebook are too small. In future videos, I will adjust the background to make them larger

  • All of the talking points you mentioned (target demographic informing protagonists in Transformers media, daddy/daughter dynamics in contemporary fiction, Hasbro explicitly targeting older male fans/Hasbro’s treatment of female fans) are indeed all topics I’d love to cover more extensively in the future. So I’m really glad to know there’s an interest, this is the sort of thing I want to know

  • I’m hoping that future episodes will be longer as well: I’m thinking somewhere in the 10 - 15 minute range. Enough time to establish a thesis and discuss points/provide evidence, but not so long that the discussion becomes dreary or exhaustive

  • Finally, I’m glad that the external research and more theoretical concepts were well received and that you found them interesting. Again, these are all topics that could serve as their own episodes, but I want to keep Double Layer entertaining by grounding it in the applied examples of popular entertainment/children’s entertainment.

Once again, thank-you very much for all your words, and I’m really glad you enjoyed the first episode. Stay tuned for more hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Just a head’s up, some of the Rescue Bots cast & crew will be live-tweeting the first episode of season 2 as it airs tomorrow morning (12:30pm ET or 11:30am CT). The list includes Nicole Dubuc, DC Douglas, Parvesh Cheena, Steve Blum, and Diamond White. The hashtag’s gonna be #TFRescueBots.

Also, DC Douglas and Levar Burton have confirmed that they are recording S3 of Rescue Bots right now.

I have no tweetable so I hope you’ll do the same thing you did last year and keep us all appraised?   Please?

I got your back bro

Sorry to do this do you, but the twitter party was such a rousing success that I just can’t screencap it all. Basically, every single Rescue Bots production member with a twitter account was jamming it up and the entire morning was solid gold. That being said, you don’t need a twitter account to search and read through hashtags, not to mention that being on twitter is one of the better ways to get into contact with voice actors/writers/animators/etc. Sorry again though

Still, the Rescue Bots S2 premiere was great and everyone who worked on it is a gem. Here’s looking forward to a great season!

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That is in fact a very notable problem which demands attention! (eee tachikoma spider buddies)

Every series, regardless of genre, network, or tone can be improved with the inclusion of Tachikoma.

Real talk though, Almost Human does seem to be trying to position the MX’s as the sort of “omni-present-reminder-that-this-is-a-sci-fi-setting mascot” the same way SIC used bouncy talking tanks. But the MX’s aren’t really meant to be charming, intriguing, or endearing. They’re at best comic relief, and totally off-putting at worst. I understand that this is the point (contrasting their inhumanity to Dorian’s) but still… It feels like we’re missing an angle here.

What made the Tachikoma interesting wasn’t just the fact that they were cutesy, but that they had a unique means of interacting with the world, with each other, and establishing a sense of self/identity. What they said and did was highly removed from anything a human being could conceivably experience; yet they were still likeable and fascinating to watch. So far, Dorian alone is bearing the “what does it mean to be human?” yoke and the MX’s are treated as simply pieces of disposable hardware. Please understand that this isn’t a detractor against Almost Human, merely an observation. Also, I understand that Almost Human isn’t really meant to be sci-fi show which asks ultra-serious questions, but rather a slick buddy-cop show with sci-fi elements, so okay.

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obfuscobble replied to your post: Head’s up team, if you’re going to Ikk…

I can’t make it but I hope your AMV goes over well! You really make quality AMVs with good themes, choice of clips, and synching. Their thematic impact always surprises and impresses me the most.

Thanks man. I’m really glad you like ‘em, and I’m also happy to know that you notice the thematic-impact thing, since that’s something I’m always working towards. Aw yeah!

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There’s a lot of interesting thematic visuals and other tidbits to be found in the early scenes of Rescue Bots episode 1 “Family of Heroes”. Let’s take a look…

We fade into the harbor/town sign of Griffon Rock. Immediately, the audience is clued into the fact that this is not a normal American town by way of an Inspector Gadget-like hand popping out of the sign to shoo away a perching seagull. More supporting details soon follow through a panning shot along a residential street, displaying low flying zeppelins, small rockets attached to homes, and a portly business man equipping himself with a flying propeller-helmet to start his day.

Our main hero, Cody Burns, is then introduced. A contrast to the other children his age playing on booster jump-ropes, Cody peddles down the street entirely under his own power, and sports a G-1 military flight jacket (made popular in the 80’s in young men thanks to Top Gun, but used in the American military since WWII). The make of bike (with a playing card stuck in the spokes) is interesting too, a 1960’s style low-rider. These were highly customizable frames popular with children and youth, meant to emulate the low-rider style of cars of the time.

In spite of his visual difference from his fellow townspeople, we see that Cody is still positively engaged with them as he waves to the flying Mr. Harrison and then has a similarly friendly conversation with his family. However, we’re given the hint that Cody feels distanced from his family via  their dialogue and the positioning of the adult Burns siblings in the car with their father while Cody is left to make his own way home.

Basically, Cody is covered with the signifiers of by-gone decades and a classic past, though he dwells on a comically futuristic island (note also his concern about Charlie retiring the older police car). Yet he is still trying to “find his place”, break into the working adult world alongside his siblings and father (see also the above points about low-rider bicycles being an attempt to mimic adult’s cars and all that implies). It’s only two minutes of screen-time time, but we learn a lot about Cody’s character, world, and relationship to his family nevertheless.

I would love to see more in depth observations about each episode of Season 1 (and 2 when we get it).  I love RB even if it is aimed towards children.

I’ve got a couple of other posts about individual Rescue Bots episodes (The S1 finale episodes, “The Griffon Rock Triangle”, “Small Blessings”, “Little White Lies”). If you would like me to tackle another S1 episode more in-depth, just lemme know. This is, of course, conditional on the fact that I can find cool/interesting things in the episode to talk about. But given that this is Rescue Bots, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Someday… I’d like to do what SF Debris does and run a Blip channel where I just review Transformers cartoons on an episode by episode basis, maybe mix in other cartoons as well. I think that’d be fun.

I would honestly love to help you write and narrate those.

Aw, thanks. It’s all just a pipe dream at this point (I’d need a proper mic, boat-loads of extra time, more RAM, CS6)… but perhaps someday…

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