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Character development for the fire fighters


Are we not going to mention how HAPPY Kade was to find out that Heatwave was alright? I love how much Kade and Heatwave’s relationship has matured over the course of the series. Even if neither one of them want to admit it, they really have grown close.

And the fact that when Optimus offered Heatwave a chance to join the main Autobots, Heatwave said he’d have to consult the other Rescue Bots first (in episode 1 Heatwave forcefully demanded that the crew leave with him). And that Heatwave eventually refused when Optimus noted the offer was just for Heatwave even though he was wanting to fight with the Prime all through S1

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Anonymous asked: Your character analysis on Optimus Prime was absolutely wonderful. He's such a complex, multi-leveled character that gets reduced to a single plane far too much. I really love when people understand a character completely! uvu

Aw shucks, I’m all a flush (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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Some more Age of Extinction thoughts…

The March 4th trailer sets up that Cade gets inducted into the Transformers’ story by purchasing Optimus Prime as a beat-up wreck and restoring him, presumably gaining Optimus’ friendship or at least gratitude in the process. While the concept of “human ally-character unknowingly buys/gets into/brings home a Transformers in vehicle mode” has been done before as a story premise, this is one of the rare times its been utilized with OP himself.

Optimus may be the flagship character of the Transformers megabrand, but he’s not usually positioned as “your friend” in the same way… say… Bumblebee is. Because Optimus is supposed to be the powerful, dependable father-figure. You admire and emulate Optimus, but there’s still a level of distance. Bumblebee takes up the role of Spike’s car, Rad+Carlos+Alexis meet/befriend the Minicons before anyone else, Sam buys Bumblebee from a used car lot, Sari gets in Bumblebee, Jack hops on Arcee, Cody slides down the firepole when he hears Heatwave complaining, etc. The human’s introduction to the world of giant robots is often facilitated through a character who is not Optimus, and who is characterized by being youthful/having-youth-associated-problems. Thereby, again, being more relateable to the audience (Arcee is an interesting exception to this, but she’s still written as more emotionally open and accessible than Optimus initially is).

But in Age of Extinction, our main human character (an adult and father) is connecting with Optimus first and foremost. Not to mention the added intrigue of our first shots of the “powerful and indomitable” Optimus being mud-caked pile of scrap shot full of holes and unable to even drive under his own power. Of course, this is all just trailer based speculation, we’ll all have to wait for the film to properly come out to see just how this ends up packaged. But still, I’m very intrigued by this shift in perspective.

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See, I love Smokescreen because he honestly did become “just like Optimus”.

His greatest contributions were all based around rescuing others, gathering essential items, and providing assistance when the chips were down. He never became an Prime/alternate titles, and…

And Fetching the Star Sabre in the last Ep of the show.

Exactly, another great example.

Plus, that was a good bookend to the Star Saber’s original appearance in “Legacy”, and how Smokescreen wanted to retrieve it in order “to make Optimus proud”. Whereas in “Deadlock”, it’s all about getting Optimus a weapon for utilitarian purposes, not ego/image bolstering.

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