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Geek: When you first began, did the voice of Prime feel like any other job, and what was the moment where it struck you that this was bigger and not like other gigs?

Cullen: I could feel that at the very beginning in the audition. The way it was written. The way the character was drawn out. The way his whole character traits were portrayed; I felt something about that and I felt tuned to it immediately. I just felt very good about it. The originators had probably had enough in their lifetime of big, brawny, yelling, or over-the-top hero stuff. This all of a sudden was a subtle calm, in my interpretation. I exercised the instincts that I had easier than any other character that I have ever done.

I remember auditioning for Batman at one time, and I delivered that sense of calmness, but I didn’t get the job. I thought, “Well…” Prime came along, and I said “Gee, whiz!”

Peter Cullen interview with MTV Geek on Beast Hunters


Gee whiz…

(Source: geek-news.mtv.com)

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lavapasta asked: What if there was a Knight Rider Animated Series?

Hmm… Yeah, I’d watch that. But, we’d have to get Peter Cullen playing KARR again. I demand it!

And maybe make Michael into a woman, spice things up a little… We’ll call her Michaela or Micki or something. David Hasselhoff can have a cameo vocal role as her recurring informant or sidekick.  

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