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ranger-vieve answered your question: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…

“Scan, Please Scan!”

acupfullofsynthen replied to your photo: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…


space-husband answered your question: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…

DO IT! I am really curious about the Rescue Bots one to be honest

fanoftentakil replied to your photo: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…


jessicatheshark answered your question: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…

do. it! do. it!

obfuscobble replied to your photo: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…

I dare yu to scan them. I dare you so hard but I’d want to red them tooo

brainywords answered your question: Are you ready to get wild about reading kids?!?…


Wow! Awesome response. Okay, I’ll try to scan them both and maybe put some videos together over the next two weeks. After Tuesday the 14th, I’ll have more free time since election season will be over, so hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Hasbro might do a reboot of GI Joe again now that Renegades has halted production?

Well, GI Joe Renegades was put on infinite hiatus by Hasbro back in early 2011 for the purpose of focusing marketing and image association on the upcoming. To quote Hasbro PR staff themselves:

"The series will go on hiatus at the end of season one while the second installment of the G.I. Joe movie franchise is being produced so Hasbro and Hasbro Studios can ensure the creative and storyline continuity that fans of the films and the series expect."


They wanted to start marketing for GI Joe Retaliation in late 2011, and didn’t want the cartoon show, its characters, toys, and plot confused in any way. Remember, the second live-action film was originally supposed to come out in summer 2012, but it was pushed back to 2013… officially for adding 3D, but also possibly due to the disappointing returns on Battleship; but this is just speculation.

Getting back to your original question: Yes. I do this it’s very likely that Hasbro will make another GI Joe cartoon after the second film hits theaters; provided Retaliation isn’t a total box office flop. What sort of cartoon it will be, the direction it might take, and whether it will actually be good or not remain to be seen. Of course, I’ll give it a fair chance.

I highly doubt we will see a GI Joe Renegades season 2, or any sort of continuation for that matter. Particularly given that the series’ character designer, Clement Sauve, passed away in January 2011. I really liked GI Joe Renegades, it was a great show, with great characters, voice acting, and ideas. I’m sad that it basically got culled to make way for more profitable, attention grabbing projects; but that’s the way of the world.

Thank you for your ask.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever imagined how a MLP/Transformers crossover would go?

I imagine a lot of things throughout my days… And yes, a My Little Pony/Transformers crossover is one of them.

And in each and every one of my dark, twisted fantasies… the tale closes with Megatron and Soundwave strung up in the center of Ponyville by sparkling ribbons, while Jack, Miko, and Raf gorge on cupcakes at Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie to celebrate a job well-done. Optimus and Ratchet move into Twilight’s library, and Arcee takes over as mayor; bringing bold new direction to the town’s exports.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen get adopted by Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Knockout become BFFs. Starscream finds unconditional love and acceptance by disguising himself as an unusually thin pigeon to live on Fluttershy’s farm; Dreadwing supervises. Finally, Bulkhead finds new direction in life by uncovering an untapped skill in apple bucking and cider pressing.

And every other week or so, Princess Luna is delighted to receive a letter from Cody Burns on what he learned about teamwork!

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nabulos replied to your post: MLP S3E6 “Sleepless in Ponyville”

why don’t you talk about mlp more?

Three reasons mostly…

  1. MLP has such a large, diverse, and well-spoken (or just plain vocal) fanbase that I’ve never felt the need to weigh in heavily on individual episodes or subjects

  2. Very few people ask me about MLP, and very few MLP heavy blogs follow me. I was pleasantly surprised to get that ask about King Sombra earlier in the week

  3. While I do enjoy MLP: FiM very much, I’m not a huge fan of it, or at least not to the extent I drool over Transformers, Tron, TMNT, etc. So, I simply don’t dedicate as much thoughtful time to it. Though I do enjoy making PMVs

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Korra Discussion: Tenzin vs. The World





“Lin, with so much on the line…  It’d be nice if we could help each other out, at least for one night…”

“Like old times?”

“Like old times.”


Let’s analyze this exchange a little here.  It’s one of the few occasions in The Legend of Korra that anyone directly calls Lin Bei Fong on her aggressive behaviour, and yet it has a surprisingly progressive outcome.  Indeed, Lin does become much more reasonable and productive with Tenzin, strikes up a good working relationship with the Avatar, and is able to eventually fight for the protection of Pema/Tenzin’s children.  For such a brief conversation, it has some pretty powerful effects.

And then, I got to thinking…  Has Tenzin never tried this approach before with Lin?  Did he just spend all this time between the dissolving of their romance some odd years ago and this point letting their relationship remain rocky and poor?  He’s one of the council members of Republic City, but the chief of police acts as though she’d like to bury him 6 feet under, and generally makes life difficult for his family.  Yet, all he has to do is show a little openness, backbone, and humility, and she’s willing to bury the hatchet and move on?  Well, why didn’t he do so sooner?

I don’t think this is accidental.  Tenzin may be cool, have a sky bison, and be voiced by JK Simmons, but he has his flaws just like any other human being.  And Tenzin is just not very good at dealing with life’s obstacles.


So let’s discuss, shall we?

Read More

See, I’d always put Lin’s crankiness at him down to “earthbenders are stubborn” (although the way Tenzin minced around matters didn’t exactly help). 

The idea that he might have been a wimp about the breakup—pulling a Mako, as it were—never really occurred to me; he always came off as more honorable than that.  I’d always thought it had simply been acrimonious.

I don’t think he would’ve pulled a Mako. I don’t know how the breakup happened, but I’m assuming there was some sort of discussion. Likely one that made Tenzin extremely uncomfortable, hence his reluctance to really face Lin since then. The above analysis is really solid, imo. I think it makes sense.

I just want to note that I agree with both of you.  I do not genuinely think Tenzin did to Lin the sort of stunts Mako pulled.  There was probably some level of discussion, but as you both said, it probably did not go well due to Tenzin’s difficulty in facing things head-on and Lin’s own powerful personality. This most likely uncomfortable and unproductive falling out then leading to their present day difficulties.

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obfuscobble: “So, how long now until you have ALL the Transformers? “

Pretty much almost have all the core team: FE voyager Optimus, FE Arcee, FE Starscream, FE BB, FE entertainment pack, and now voyager Bulkhead.

I also have voyager Megatron, RiD Soundwave, Wheeljack, and Ratchet.

Aside from the cyberverse Vehicons, that’s pretty much everyone available at retail that I want right now.

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