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The Summer Semester…

*Brace yourself for personal prattling*

Well, a B+ in Linguistics 101, certainly wasn’t expecting that given my absolute brain-dead status during the final exam.  True, not exactly up to my usual standards but my GPA remains solid….  And heck, there’s more to life than grades.

True, August has been a bit of a rough month.  Grandfather broke his leg, my sister had her appendix removed, and I became single for the first time in 2 years.  But in the grand scheme of things, everything’s chugging along as best it can and I’m grateful for that.

Fall Semester should be interesting, working for a Publishing minor now, and with graduation coming up in less than a year, I’m pretty hopeful.  Too bad my classes overlap with new Transformers Prime airing times though.  I suppose it would be poor form to watch a stream in class, yes?  Priorities, priorities…

To any rate, that’s the thin and thick of things.  I hope that I can keep producing fun/interesting/thought provoking content for this blog and my followers.  For some reason, it struck me recently that I haven’t written fanfiction since highschool…  there’s probably a good rationale for that though, best to leave sleeping dogs lie.

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