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Yet another GI Joe Renegades/Beast Wars comparison. You CAN’T tell me you don’t see the dynamic. While Dinobot/Rattrap was wayyy more developed, Nicky and Snake Eyes do reflect (albeit subtly) some of this awkward friendship. Dinobot/Snake Eyes= accomplished warriors met with much distrust from their team. Tunnel Rat/Rattrap=similar accents, short guys with a lot of confidence and a big heart, and they are characters who start out one-dimensional and grow later in their respective series.

Oddly enough, I’d have to say that the mute Snake Eyes came off as more open and friendlier than Dinobot ever did. But then again, that’s the appeal.

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Leaving humans in jars.




T=(49.5x.03)/(1x1.7)= 1.485/1.7=0.87  So they would have asphyxiated in just under an hour.

You still have to factor in the hyperventilation (or at least increased speed of breathing) that being kidnapped and shoved in a capsule by a Decepticon would most likely produce.  Plus all the ranting and screaming that Miko definitely would have done, and the increased need of oxygen that the body would need from frivolously struggling to get out of the capsule. And the air quality at the time of capture.  That’s why I was hesitant to spend time on these calculations- I was going to do them next week after finals are over.

But yeah, you basically made the point.

Of course, logicing at TFP at this point is useless, for a number of reasons that I don’t have the time or brain capacity to type out right now…

I also should have done the calculations with the jar area as a cylinder, and yeah Hyperventilation will definitely cut down the oxygen, especially for someone like Miko.  Again giving Raf more time since he’d probably try to sit calm as he could, poor little guy.  I’d love to see your calculations though.  Mine were pretty quick and off the cuff.

As to just the physical logic of TFP, doing my equally slapdash calculation about the air left in the rock bottom cave was already fraught by the whole “What size are they any way?” question which will never be answered.  Not to mention the fact that the cave itself wasn’t completely cut off from additional air which could have gotten in through cracks in both the recently fallen rocks, and possibly also smaller cracks between caves and hallways in the mine.  (Also, I love how the disappearing trailer on Optimus has now become the disappearing claymore.)

draqua replied to your post:

Of course, the jars themselves could have had oxygen suppliers built in to the top… but this seems unlikely…. Also, reading “Raf would have died last” was painful for me to read… I can’t handle watching these kids suffer…

I feel you, Draqua!  Poor Raf.  He’s rather wormed his way into the cockles of my heart.  Let’s look on the bright side though : maybe Raf and Bumblebee will get a standalone episode next season, cementing their friendship under trying circumstances and allowing Raf’s communications genius to shine through again.  That would be really cute.

Indeed, I feel that Raf should get the chance to stretch his legs more and overcome big stakes odds out in the wild, wide world with his good buddy BB.

When Megatron threatens the children with death by toxic atmosphere in Darkest Hour, Miko and Jack are more than willing to lay down their life for the sake of the Autobots (and Draqua gives them both a tearful thumbs-up for their dedication)…  but Raf is fearful and hesitant.

But this makes sense considering what Jack and Miko have been through up to this point as compared to Raf.  In season 2 particularly, Miss. M and Mr. J have been far more involved with field work and applied contributions to the war efforts.  Jack goes to Cybertron to charge up the Key to Vector Sigma for Optimus, using Scraplets to kill an Insecticon along the way.  Miko and Jack then both journey to New York, recruiting a new human buddy and having whizz-bang chases on railcars. 

Miko and Wheeljack grab their axes, raincoats, start playing “Hip to be Square” and murder Hardshell.  Then, Miko devotes nearly all of her time and energy to helping Bulhead recuperate, even when the process is emotionally draining for both of them.  The older kids have become more involved and have also seen very scary, very real consequences of the war.  While Optimus would probably not agree, they are have become soldiers on the front lines as best they can.  They are invested in the cause and ready to die for it if need be.

Raf, meanwhile, has been able to remain safely cloistered inside the base.  His major contributions to the war effort this season have been programming a virus for Laserbeak and knocking the Damocles satellite out of the sky.  Both very important tasks that only he could do, true, but largely done from the safety and comfort of in front of his computer.

It’s also noteworthy that, out of the three children, Raf has come the closest to actually dying at the hands of a Decepticon…  But not because he was attempting to engage in applied warfare or reconnaissance as Jack and Miko sometimes do..

…  He and Bumblebee just wanted to play race car…

Raf doesn’t seek out trouble, conflict, or violence.  Yet it finds him anyways.  He wants to work and deal with the world at a distance; through a screen.  He’s not ready to go out into the field, make the hard decisions, and lay down his life; yet it still comes up. 

And now, with no base to hide in with Rachet, Jasper evacuated and Megatron presiding over the town from his fortress of death…  Raf has no where to hide…

Time to shut the laptop, kid, here comes the real world….

However!  This whole “scatter the team” ploy could provide an excellent opportunity for Raf to run across another silent warrior and his translator pal…

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luminak answered your question: Ripcord’s many transformations from human into…

Love gi joe renegades! totally deserved more. XD and tunnel rat was totally rattrap in every way.

And he even has his own sword wielding, super cool, lizard lips!

In all seriousness though, I agree.  It boggles my mind that GI Joe Renegades received so little attention when it was originally airing and has a such a small (but dedicated) fandom to this day. 

It has its flaws to be sure, but on the whole, the show is very well made, has great characters, cool ideas, and awesome action.  It think it has great appeal to a broad audience…  But here we are.  Ah well…

And it has a giant snake in it.

And snakes are cool

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