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Just a head’s up, some of the Rescue Bots cast & crew will be live-tweeting the first episode of season 2 as it airs tomorrow morning (12:30pm ET or 11:30am CT). The list includes Nicole Dubuc, DC Douglas, Parvesh Cheena, Steve Blum, and Diamond White. The hashtag’s gonna be #TFRescueBots.

Also, DC Douglas and Levar Burton have confirmed that they are recording S3 of Rescue Bots right now.

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More Christmas special recommendations!

"A Very McStuffins Christmas" shines as a series best in terms of lighting, animation, and set design. It has a fun sense of adventure to it, being the only half-hour Doc McStuffins episode so far created, and in that it features Doc leaving her backyard to go on an epic journey to Santa’s workshop.

Cameo characters like Tobias the Elf and Captain Crush (voiced by Steve Blum no less!) are charming. And it’s great to see Doc receive a heartfelt thank you from Santa Claus himself for all the good work she’s done for toys.

It’s sweet, fun, warm, everything you’d want from a McStuffins special.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any favorite voice actor(s) and actress(es)?

I like the old staples of Frank Welker, Keith David, Cree Summers. Steve Blum, Josh Keaton, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Nicole Oliver are great too.

There are so many great voice actors and actresses out there right now, it’s hard to pick. Basically, if you can play a character well, if you can convey emotion and range… you’re a-okay in my book. Everyone is awesome.

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Sakura Con Day 2

Creator’s Spotlight went well, good audience response.  I hope my videos were fun for people to watch and such. 

Steve Blum panel was great.  Awesome man, loves the fans and loves his craft.  It was great to see him.  Of course, he can’t give out any TFP S2 information, but we were able to get him to say the “Oh, how it pains me to do this…”  g1 Starscream line in the TFP voice, so that was something.

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