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When it comes to Beast Wars and the discussion of developed character relationships, Dinobot and Rattrap often (rightly so, mind you) get the lion’s share of analysis. But I’ve often been intrigued by the interactions Dinobot and Cheetor had as well.

Their relationship starts off pretty rocky in “Double Jeopardy”, with Dinobot basically manipulating Cheetor’s childish pride, persuading the kid into a dangerous storm to plant scanning beacons. And then using Cheetor’s subsequent capture by the Predacons to strong-arm Primal into sending a bomb into the enemy base. It’s interesting to note in “Code of a Hero” that it is Cheetor’s call for help which spurns Dinobot into running to the fated valley of Protohumans. The child he once sought to extort and even murder to further his own goals is now a valued comrade he rushes to aide.

There are other elements too, like how paying close attention to the expressions on Cheetor’s face in “Chain of Command” indicates that he voted for Dinobot to function as leader while Optimus was captive. Cheetor teases Dinobot in a rather macabre fashion in “Victory” with Tarantulas’ severed legs… And then has a moment of sorrow and regret, calling out “Dinobot?”, when the raptor elects to remain on earth in solitude rather than return to Cybertron with the other Maximals. Finally, when Dinobot 2 is brought to life, he and Cheetor have an odd sort of moment wherein it looks as though the beast is hesitating… only to ultimate smash the kid into rocks.

Once Tigertron showed up though, Cheetor found a better, more receptive mentor, so the relationship between him and Dinobot doesn’t really develop past the above mentioned points. So, I can understand why it doesn’t receive a lot of meta discussion to this day.

Still, something to think about…


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spookytinyirnfist0 asked: What's your favorite TF IDW character so far?

It’s a tie between Tailgate and Cyclonus, so what luck for me that they are generally depicted in scenes together. 

I like Cyclonus because of his honor, commitment, and sharp sense of humor.  He reminds me a lot of Beast Wars’ Dinobot. He looks a lot like the guy too…

Tailgate is a total cutie-pie, and I also like the way they’re using him to discuss the fundamentally flawed concepts of good/evil moral alignment in the understand of Autobots and Decepticons. He’s a true blank slate. And he looks like a kitty.

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visambros asked: First off, I want to say that I really like reading you analysis's. They are never interesting and insightful. Anyways, I was wondering, if you could make your own Transformers TV/comic/whatever, how would it be like?

They are never interesting and insightful

Wha…?  Oh….

Sorry sorry, I’m sure that was just a typo…  right? 

Anywho, as to your question about making my own Transformers thing…  In all honesty, it’s not something I’ve thought a lot about. 

I’d probably want to incorporate Beast-formers, considering my love of Beast Wars (wooo!).  I’d also want a female for the central “audience interface” character, cause that’s just how I role.  It’d be set in the present day, maybe slightly in the future, and focus on different types of combat and warfare (like espionage, controlling public opinion, and resource management) rather than just straight up giant robots punching each other.  The kids would be allied with Maximals or Mini-cons, and they would be characters that haven’t got a lot of exposure in Trasnformers Animation yet, but conformed to archtypes popular to the brand (the Bumblebee, the wise guy, the big green guy, etc). 

Meanwhile, the big Autobots and Decepticons are fighting in big, epic, brawls elsewhere, but the central cast only runs into them every 5 or so episodes; thus keeping them suitably epic and mysterious.  The kids and their bots use their size and maneuverability to perform smaller scale missions for the Big Cheese, while also running afoul Predacon activity.  Something like that.  And, of course, there’d be lots of tie-in opportunities for toys, playsets, videogames, and MacDonalds toys.

Again, just a rough idea there.  Thank you for your question.

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needsabouttreefiddy replied to your post: I picked up a deluxe Generations Thundercracker…

Did you get it from Winners, by any chance? That’s where I got mine (for the same price).

Indeed I did (◕‿◕✿)

Winner’s doesn’t usually have Transformers toys I’m interested in, since I’m typically after TFP and Rescue Bots stuff, though their prices are so low…  but I figured my Dreadwing could use an honorable, blue buddy.

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This idea came to me after talking with people in a livestream chat. 

I was actually pondering the same think early last week.  I think Dreadwing would have gotten along really well with little Cody Burns.  Cody’s all about loyalty to your family, dedication, hard-work, and keeping things classic…
Plus, Cody wears a bomber jacket and Dreadwing’s a jet, so…


This idea came to me after talking with people in a livestream chat. 

I was actually pondering the same think early last week.  I think Dreadwing would have gotten along really well with little Cody Burns.  Cody’s all about loyalty to your family, dedication, hard-work, and keeping things classic…

Plus, Cody wears a bomber jacket and Dreadwing’s a jet, so…

(via inpws)

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Beast Wars Discussion: Optimus Primal, an ordinary man…

A few weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on the evolution of Optimus Prime, both as a character and as a general concept from G1 to Transformers Prime.  But now, let’s take a step back, and examine one of my favourite team leaders; Optimus Primal.

Yes, good old Fearless Leader from the great, glistening palace that is Beast Wars.  But beyond my nostalgia fueled ramblings, I genuinely do find the character fascinating in an anthropological sort of way, particularly when compared to the future legacy of what Prime would become.  Unlike the ever stout G1-verse Optimus, Primal is a very humble and down-to-earth character.  He’s smart, brave, strong, and capable…  but you’re never really called upon to worship him like a classical hero the same way G1 Optimus was talked up in-universe.  He was very much so a product of his time, an ordinary man dealing with the extraordinary problems of the world as best he could.    

In spite of his amazing exploits, Primal was always…  well, primal.  He was always human.  As a character concept, it seems crazy, I know…

But sometimes crazy works.

Read more …

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TFP Inside Job

In the words of TFA!Optimus “Excellent!  Yes!”

A positively wonderful episode that’s not only action packed, but also pays off several long hanging plot and character threads that have been stewing since earlier in the season.  The animation during the sprinkler scene was a visual delight.

And that car-Vehicon sequence?  Yes, Skir.  That is how you comedy!  You finally figured it out.

Go forth and comedy more, Skir.

Jim dandy all around.

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