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So, it turns out we don’t have to worry about the Rescue Bots’ reaction to Optimus’ death.

What we DO have to worry about is Blades’ reaction to seeing what great friends Smokescreen and Bumblebee are…

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ezim93 asked: What were your thoughts on Hound? I was personally hoping for a robotic Walter Sobchak and I wasn't disappointed.

I really liked Hound. The voice was great, I liked his big roly-poly body, and that even his cigar was a weapon. Plus it always felt like Hound was very involved with every scene he was in (he was always doing something and contributing to progressing whatever was happening at the time forward).

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pithyrhyme asked: I was wondering if you had seen Transformers 4 yet because I noticed a lot of similar themes between the beginning of it and your analysis of the beginning of Transformers Rescue Bots

I actually just got back from seeing Age of Extinction, and you’re absolutely right. The film has this focus on ye olde Americana in the first act, how it’s been degraded, disrespected (like Optimus) rusted, and broken down (like Optimus). Plus there’s the fact that Cade is a Texan who lives in an old fashioned homestead with farmland, but sees himself as an inventor (which echos to Griffon Rock’s good old days meets fantastic future). Unlike Rescue Bots, AoE doesn’t have quite the thematic chops to carry this all the way through or do super interesting things with the idea, but its nice to see these concepts brought up all the same.

I liked Age of Extinction though, pretty solid for the most part.

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Half In The Bag: The Transformers Series

Since a new one is coming out, Mike, Jay and Rich Evans sit down and check out the first three films in Michael Bay’s Transformers series. At the same time.

Are you hardcore enough to take the RLM challenge and watch all three live-action Transformers film at once simultaneously!?!

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As a side note, I like how S2 has set-up Cody having an interest in finding mythical creatures like griffons or bigfoot. I dunno, I just think it’s a cute trait to have. Plus you get the whole irony of “you live with four aliens in a technological wonderland, kid, yet you listen for unicorns.”

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