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Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Guest Stars On Transformers Rescue Bots | Comicbook.com

But… in Aligned Continuity… the earth is already…

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joyseeker56 asked: What are your thoughts on Primal's and Dinobot's friendship, Draqua?

Ah, good question. I thought it was a cool way to explore Optimus’ idealism that Maximals and Predacons could co-habitate peacefully*. You can really tell that Primal went out of his way to be respectful and attentive to Dinobot even when the other Maximals weren’t, and even when Dinobot himself was unappreciative. Plus, it allowed us to explore some other angles of Dinobot’s personality. You got feel for his sense of humor, how he showed concern for others (through actions and through very few words), what sorts of behaviors he respected, and how his sense of pride wouldn’t be quelled but could be redirected; all that was very interesting.

It was a relationship with a markedly different tone that Dinobot and Rattrap’s friendship which is something I appreciate. After-all, different types of people and their different types of relationships bring out different things in people.

*This always was one of my favorite elements of S1 Primal, the fact that he genuinely didn’t want to fight the Predacons and championed a practical application of “Give Peace a Chance”. I’m kinda sad this character trait faded away come S2-S3, but I understand that it probably just wouldn’t have been feasible to maintain.

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Venom’s Revised OTP Challenge

The OTP that Broke Your Heart - #3 of 3

Starscream and Alexis from Transformers: Armada

I think the reason I like Alexis/Starscream even to this day is because it’s a kinda refreshing take on the whole “damaged man is redeemed through the “love” of a good woman”.  Yes, Alexis liked Starscream and gave him positive attention which brought out the best in him. But she never directly compromised her safety for his sake, reprimanded him when he attempted to shirk duties for the Autobots (even if that meant sacrificing social time with Starscream and her pals), and wouldn’t put up with him when he was being cranky. Alexis set standards of behavior for Starscream based on her own comfort level, rewarded good actions with equally positive regard, and didn’t overly indulge him.

Plus, it always felt like Starscream had level of respect for Alexis, even when he lacked that respect for himself.

IDW!Starscream will never know true friendship…

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I love Madeline Pynch’s design and color palette so much I just had to take some screenshots!

Some additional thoughts upon re-watching the episode: Priscilla accuses her mother of dropping the “Talking Cathy” doll down the well, thus prompting the Rescue Bots to dig up the area. It’s later revealed that Madeline was behind the plot to co-opt the ‘Bots and townsfolk into digging up Blossom Vale…

What if Madeline dropped her daughter’s toy down the well on purpose just to gauge the ability of the Rescue Bots?


Don’t look at me like that, answer me!

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Rescue Bots’ newest character (Spoilers!)


I just want to say I think it’s super awesome Ms. Pinch could be a reoccurring villain in the show mostly because:

1.) She’s a female villain which is something I don’t often see (specifically, she’s one that isn’t under servitude to another villain - usually male - and she has the potential be one of the chief baddies) and…
2.) She’s a female villain who so far has yet to exhibit anything sexual or uses sex as an angle to get what she wants. Way too many female villains possess this. Given this is Rescue Bots, I have high faith that her character will be treated better than that annoying cliche.

So yeah, bring on Ms. Pinch, I am damn excited to see more from her.

Plus, let’s not forget that this episode comes courtesy of:

Which might explain the good female villain presentation and the horror slant…

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Lacey Chabert talks ‘Mean Girls,’ voice acting, and the catchphrase that just won’t die (‘so fetch!’) | EW.com

Aw, Dani…

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Transformers RID #28 (Season 2) Preview





And now I wait… for the TC/Marissa fanfiction to pour in

It is close enough to what I want…

The way things are going it might be TC himself who writes that fanfiction :U

… Marissa leaned forward and ran her fingers under Thundercracker’s chin. Her eyes coverings were lowered 50% and her voice was husky in a manner which indicates arousal in human females.

"Oh Thundercracker… You are so, so handsome. And you’re a really, really good writer. Your ability to compose an engaging narrative structure with believable human characters who I relate to has caused me to become irrevocably attracted to you in a romantic fashion."

He gazed back with glowing optics, “Yes.”

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