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Beast Machines DVD Commentaries and Bonus Features

It’s time for another exciting addition of Transformers Commentary notes! In this thrilling installment, I share notes taken from Shout!Factory’s release of Beast Machines

(It’s basically just all the Kid Rhino features but whatever man)

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Anonymous asked: Remember that "Code of Hero and humanity" post you wrote? The part of that post where it tells how humanity represents the Autobot's second chance at doing good? Watching Age of Extinction with that thought in mind is both very sad (in the case of the humans that hunt down the Transformers) and very happy (in the case of Cade and crew). Just something to think about.

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Anonymous asked: In Fall of Cybertron, they posted how you like how it how it did the Dinobots, thoughts on how it did the Combaticons?

I really enjoyed playing the Combaticons level, it was super fun/well-paced and the banter was engaging. But it didn’t grab me on a character or story-level the way the Dinobots segment did

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autobotbarrage asked: Hey, hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Rescue Bots episode Double Villainy? I happened to catch it yesterday and I really enjoyed it but at the same time I'm worried it's just going to mean a reset (of sorts) going into Season 3 and I'm not sure if I enjoy that part. What are your thoughts on the episode in general and what happened?

I really liked “Double Villainy” and I’m interested to see what the next episode holds, so I’ll reserve judgement until then.

But at this point I’m mostly pumped for some Dino-Rescue-Bots

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eruspertempus asked: Hey Draqua, I wanted to let you know I still find any and all Transformers Prime and Transformers Related commentary you give enlightens me and gives me a continued appreciation of the series. Thank you for your insight.

Honestly, I could talk about Transformers Prime all day and I’m always really glad to receive comments like yours and others. It feels like we’re all having a good time here. It’s a show I enjoyed watching from beginning to end and it’s a show I enjoy re-watching and picking apart. Because I honestly do feel it’s a really solid piece of work with great characters and a lot to love and talk about. Transformers in general always provides interesting discussion.

Of course, there are other, non-Transformers related, shows I love just as much, and which I encourage people to check out, but Transformers Prime will always have special place in my heart.

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3484lane asked: You've ruined my life. I've finished Transformers Prime and the Movie. Is there anything else you'd like to make me obsess over?

Hmmm… Well, if you’re up for more Transformers, why not try out Transformers Animated or Beast Wars (I’m pretty sure Beast Wars is on Netflix).

If you wanna go in a new direction, I might recommend Kaijudo, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc, Green Lantern the Animated Series, Tron Uprising, or Marvel’s live-action Agents of SHIELD.

I’m pretty sure all of the above are suitable emotionally destructive.

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3484lane asked: So I'm really mad at you. I've seen you post stuff about Rescue Bots in the past. And it showed up on my netflix. I checked it out since you've said good things about it. I Love It. And then found out it ties in with Transformers Prime, so check that out. I LOVE IT. I've just finished the first season of prime and can't wait to get through the series. My life has been consumed by Transformers and it's all your fault.

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You know…

What if Megatron shows up in Transformers: RiD as a sort of lone wanderer/sixth ranger type character occasionally helping BB’s team from the sidelines as a means of settling-his-past type of deal? And he could wear a tarp cowl similar to DOTM!Megatron, thus simplifying his design and better fitting in with the new animation and style.

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