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3484lane asked: So I'm really mad at you. I've seen you post stuff about Rescue Bots in the past. And it showed up on my netflix. I checked it out since you've said good things about it. I Love It. And then found out it ties in with Transformers Prime, so check that out. I LOVE IT. I've just finished the first season of prime and can't wait to get through the series. My life has been consumed by Transformers and it's all your fault.

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You know…

What if Megatron shows up in Transformers: RiD as a sort of lone wanderer/sixth ranger type character occasionally helping BB’s team from the sidelines as a means of settling-his-past type of deal? And he could wear a tarp cowl similar to DOTM!Megatron, thus simplifying his design and better fitting in with the new animation and style.

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Hooooo boy, this kinda got away from me. I only intended to write a little sliver of Rescue Bots fanfiction and it ended up being over 4k words. Honestly, I just wanted to get this idea out for fun. Oh well….

Title: History is Gonna Change

Show: Rescue Bots

Summary: While out exploring the forest a few night’s after some excitement with the Temporal Station, Cody drops in on a strange beast from somewhere else…

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So, it turns out we don’t have to worry about the Rescue Bots’ reaction to Optimus’ death.

What we DO have to worry about is Blades’ reaction to seeing what great friends Smokescreen and Bumblebee are…

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ezim93 asked: What were your thoughts on Hound? I was personally hoping for a robotic Walter Sobchak and I wasn't disappointed.

I really liked Hound. The voice was great, I liked his big roly-poly body, and that even his cigar was a weapon. Plus it always felt like Hound was very involved with every scene he was in (he was always doing something and contributing to progressing whatever was happening at the time forward).

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