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So… Hasbro Studio Shorts (a new official youtube channel Hasbro is using to release clips and short animations from their various properties, most notably the actually really well done MLP Rainbow Rocks cartoons) recently uploaded what they entitle “Transformers ULTIMATE Puns Mashup”

I don’t think most of these are puns, but they put Beast Wars up in this, so I am satisfied

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So, it’s been awhile, but I just really noticed it…

In “Loose Cannons”, Dreadwing’s introductory episode, Bulkhead attempts at one point to throw himself over the edge of the carrier and blow himself up. But Wheeljack, Bulkhead’s brother-in-arms, stops him. In “Regeneration”, Dreadwing’s final episode, Dreadwing throws himself into a certainly fatal situation (note the repeated visuals of the characters “walking over an edge”) and the whole point is that he doesn’t have his brother there to stop him. And Dreadwing wasn’t there back in “Master and Students” to stop Skyquake either…

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At last we come to the third and final season of Transformers Prime, and a final cartoon music video to cap it all off. Be advised that this CMV contains footage from all 13 episodes of the season along with the finale film , and as such, there are massive spoilers.
We’re back to heavy action and audio sync for this one, it was a lot of fun to put together.

See you next time…

Title: Watch Closely
Footage: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters (Season 3), Predacon Rising
Audio: Saliva
Artist: Ladies and Gentlemen

#god this is gorgeous#thank you so much for making this#badass song and badass show hell yeah#and i like the ending#despite this song being so loud and violent#the ending was really well done and gave off a very sad and mellow feel

Thank-you very much, I really love reading comments in the tags like this. It makes me happy to know I have inspired “hell yeah” feelings. Also, I’m glad that you enjoyed the ending. I was a little worried when I was editing all the footage together, since it was such an action heavy video (as you noted), I wondered if I should just end it off on a bang. But Optimus’ dive into The Allspark was just too powerful for me to not include. If you enjoyed it, then that’s proof enough for me that it was a good decision.

Thanks again!

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TransMissions Episode 28 – Mairghread Scott Interview | TransMissions

Just a head’s up team! At about the 31 minute mark, Scott talks about what would have been her plans for Soundwave’s story-arc in the Beast Hunters comics and how this would have affected other characters. If you’re curious about what “could have been” for the ghost in the machine, give this a listen!

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joyseeker56 asked: What do you think on how Transformers Prime handled the human children characters?

I actually would have liked to see more of the humans, to be honest. What we got of them was great, particularly Miko’s rise to full-on Wrecker in S3, but it feels like Jack got kinda left behind.

(That being said, its nice to have a Western action cartoon give more focus to the “main girl” of the trio versus the apparent male protagonist, so okay)

S1 really would have benefited from a Raf episode and I would have liked to see more of his family and explore more of Raf’s feelings of being ignored by his family but loved by Bumblebee. And since listening to the S3 commentary tracks, I want to see Miko’s interactions with her family back in Japan and how she might have altered her behavior.

Yeah, I know that its odd for a Transformers fan to want more of the humans, but honestly I was really invested in the kids and enjoyed spending time with them.

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A quick little something following up on the last Transformers Prime image. Miko’s reaction to Jack’s choice of swimwear.

Oh oh… in case anyone asks this is based on a couple anime shots from shows I like. The cat face is based on Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Scientific Railgun and the photo thing is based on a scene from Tora Dora. Just making sure people know where I’m getting the ideas for them from.

Oh my god!

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[Click on images for 500px version for easier reading]

I really enjoyed the Ratchet and Megatron interactions in Persuasion, and this scene is the one that really brings it home. Ratchet isn’t afraid of Megatron, and he doesn’t have any false expectations of him. Normally Megatron’s speeches are full of implied threats, every action measured to make himself as threatening as possible. Here, he is being honest. He doesn’t need to imply the terrible things he’s planning to do to Ratchet, Cybertron or Earth, Ratchet is already fully aware of them and calling him out. Megatron does not need to convince Ratchet to finish his formula. No, this scene is about Ratchet confirming all of the horrors that he knows his work will bring. He knows Megatron will cyberform Earth, knows he will go on to use the limitless fuel to wage an even fiercer war against the Autobots, even knows that Megatron will kill him as soon as he becomes useless. But he’s going to do it anyway, because deep down, some little part of him is convinced that if they can get Cybertron back, it’d all be worth it.

Because the truth is that Ratchet wants to go home, oh so badly. Back in the cell, Megatron offered Ratchet a choice; come willingly, or we will force you. But that was just for show. At that moment, both of them KNEW that Rathet would complete his research. Even if they couldn’t capture the children again, there are plenty of other things to threaten him with. Hell, threatening to destroy a human town or city would have been enough to coerce him, whether he felt that trading a limitless supply of energy to the Decepticons was worth the human lives or not -and that’s where the tension stems from. 

Ratchet is incredibly loyal to Optimus. He’s been his friend and ally since before the war even began, and the two have stuck together ever since. Megatron repeatedly draws attention to Ratchet’s ties to Optimus ‘he’s Optimus Prime’s medic’, ‘Optimus’ lapdog’, ‘I see you’ve brought your trusty watchdog’. Ratchet wouldn’t- couldn’t, abandon Optimus, even though he’s unhappy with Optimus’ actions and priorities in the war. All of Ratchet’s problems with Optimus came out explosively in Faster, Stronger, and as the writer and director of the episode confirmed, as harsh as Ratchet’s words were, there was truth in them. Ratchet cares about Optimus more than anyone else, but after so many years following orders he doesn’t agree with, resentment has festered within him. If Optimus was present, Ratchet would never agree to help. But here, trapped within the enemy warship, under duress, well, it didn’t really matter if he went willingly or not did it? No one would ever know that he was willingly damning two planets to Decepticon rule; that for once he was putting the survival of Cybertron above that of humans. 

Certainly the impression that Optimus gives off is that alien lives are more important than Cybertronian ones [an analysis of which could be an entire essay in and of itself]. We never get to see Ratchet finding out about exactly what happened on Cybertron at the site of the Omega Lock, but I doubt he would have agreed that saving the children was the right move. Ratchet is not heartless, but he is pragmatic. If he had to trade three lives for a chance to revive Cybertron, he would have done it. Not without regret, but I think that Ratchet realises what callousness he possesses, and would decide that the end justified the means. The biggest issue would not be the decision itself, it would be having to face the others- especially Optimus. 

Persuasion is not about Megatron convincing Ratchet to finish his work, it’s about Ratchet’s battle between his morals and his desires, and the choice he makes which goes completely against Optimus’ and the Autobots code of ethics.

All that changes when the synth-en formula is completed. Suddenly Ratchet is no longer just wishing that he could go home, but holding the key, and the weight of billions of human lives in his hands. The dark part of himself that had been tempted to complete the formula is now faced with the results of his actions. He may resent humanity (and the children in particular) for costing them their chance to revive their home, but at the moment of truth he could not see another planet destroyed. So he bolts; there is no more time to wait for a rescue party and no more chances to delay the research. When Megatron throws him to Predaking he’s resigned to death, he knew it was coming and feels it’s a suitable price to pay for such betrayal. Certainly if he had a chance to finish his research before being rescued Ratchet would not be able to face Optimus and the others, knowing what he had done. Ratchet is already laden heavy with guilt, but after he nearly costs humanity their home he decides to stay on Earth, as penance. 

I don’t doubt that Ratchet will eventually return to Cybertron permanently, but at the end of the series I don’t think he feels like he deserves it. Returning home was supposed to be a reward after the war, a cause of celebration. For Ratchet, it is now a reminder of his own selfishness. I think that Ratchet’s plan would be to return home once the construction was well underway and a new Cybertron was being forged from the ashes of the war by the younger generation, rather than being rebuilt into the broken framework that had betrayed them the first time. After Predacons Rising however? I’m not sure what he’d do. 

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